D5 Times Vol.06

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Architecture and landscape design|Artist: ALONG
Wellness Center|Artist: A R C H I T I S S
Cabin in the woods|Artist: Wonkz Wong
Palace|Artist: Nicolas Valentin
Interior dining space|Artist: Ice cube sama


1. Will graphics cards influence my D5 renderings?

Different graphics card will inevitably influence how smooth you render and how fast the output is. To see more details on specs for D5 Render, please check out this blog article: System Requirements for D5 Render
To find out how well your computer performs when rendering with D5, you can download our Benchmark tool, where you can see statistics generated from over 1000 participants.

2.  After adjusting Environment parameters, the changes are applied to all the other scenes, why is that?

You might have turned on "Camera Switch Only".
It is an option that can be found in "More" next to the button "Add Scene" on the upper left of the D5 interface.
When "Camera Switch Only" is switched on, all the scenes will share the same Environment and Effect parameters. Turn it off to apply separate settings to different scenes.


[D5 Converter - 3ds Max] New Release: Better real-time rendering workflow for Max users

New livesync plugin for 3ds Max(2014-2023) is available now.
With more stable and efficient synchronizations, it now also supports material mappings including basic mapping of Corona, V-Ray mixed materials, multi sub materials and more.
Learn more

Latest Version Sneak Peek: D5 Render 2.3

Rounded edge
Custom PBR materials import with one click
Optimized fog and cloud effect
Optimized grass material
Faster and more stable .abc file support


1. 100+ Free D5 Scenes on D5 Forum Scene Express
We launched the "Scene Express" campaign last December, hoping users could create and share their interesting works here. In this section, you can upload your own scenes for others to play with, and all these 3d assets/resources are free to download.
Download scenes above: Interior, Street, Airport
We will also share more scene files on Facebook, Quora, and Reddit. Please stay tuned.
2. We've moved to a new location!
Take a look at how D5 Team looks now in D5 Render.
Rendered with D5 by D5 Team
3. D5 Render Referral Program
Want to recommend D5 to your friends or colleagues? Here's a win-win deal for you!With this Program, inviting someone and being invited to suscribe to D5 Pro both are rewarded by D5. For more info, please visit here.