D5 Times Vol.04

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introduces tricks that can help improve your rendering skill and efficiency.  
follows up the development progress and features on the roadmap.  
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Thank you for witnessing the development of D5 Render, and we are sure to keep up the good work!


Opera House by the Sea | Artist: JJJ
Check out
Scene Express on D5 Forum to download this scene file
Loggia design | Artist: Azat
Cyberpunk Street | Artist: JJJ
Check out
Scene Express on D5 Forum to download this scene file
⚠️This is a relatively large scene recommended to open with RTX 3070.
Nordic Coast | Artist: leotakshil
Master bathroom2 | Artist: ArchiTab


1. Why do I get a pop-up saying "Save Failed"?

For a scene file that hasn't been saved yet, changing the location / name of scene files, deleting files in the scene file folder will cause this pop-up.Solution: move the scene file back to its original location and save again.

2. Why do I get pop-ups saying "Application lagging, please try a lower preview quality", "Out of memory, close some apps"?

"Application lagging, please try a lower preview quality"  
This pop-up appears when: 1) your preview quality is high/middle, 2)D5 window is active, 3)FPS is below 10 for 5 seconds
FPS has something to do with how you operate within D5 Render. With higher FPS, you'll move smoother in the scene. To increase FPS, try hiding some objects in the scene.
"Out of memory, close some apps"
This will pop up when your memory usage reaches 80%. Memory is related to stability. With more memory used, D5 is more likely to crash.
The pop-ups mentioned above are newly added to D5 2.1. To avoid misunderstanding, we will find a better way to prompt you to better manage resources in 2.2.

3. Where can I find all the shortcut keys in D5?

Go to Menu - Help - Shortcut.
Feature to support customized shortcuts is being developed!


[D5 Converter - C4D] release

Like other D5 converters, D5 Converter- C4D will support:

[D5 Converter - Rhino] update

Latest version 0.8.0
The emission of PBR materials in Rhino now can be synchronized to D5 Render as the intensity of emissive materials, and the value is fixed to 10.
Fix the issue that sync hangs due to importing model operations.
Fix the issue that textures get lost when a model goes through multiple hide/sync operations
Fix the camera view sync instability in the two-point perspective view

[D5 Converter - SketchUp] update

Latest version: 0.5.0
Improved light sync efficiency
The name format of synced lights in D5 Render is similar to that in SU management directory, which is “instance name + definition name”. The name of the light component instance is empty by default and no longer automatically modified
Optimize the usage of light control. Now we can exit the light editing state by the ESC key or clicking the blank area.
Synchronize after hiding the model, then unhide and synchronize again. The textures will be restored to the material in SU, instead of getting lost.
Fix the issue that in some environments the plug-in failed to load
Fix the bug that light parameters are reset to default in some cases
The converter will not create light groups in D5 until a light object is inserted in SU.
Hiding lights in SU will not hide the corresponding lights in D5

D5 Render Challenge II is now officially launched!

This year, we have prepared a prize pool of over 19,000 USD, and our splendid jury team is ready to be amazed by your stories and creativity.
There’s not much we can do about social-distancing in such circumstances, but luckily the “distance” within D5 is totally up to you. While you are now restricted to your own neighborhood, the distance between you and your dream destinations can be reduced with D5 Render. Create a dimension of your own and make it your getaway. “The world is your oyster.” We hope in this challenge, D5 serves as a tool for your creation and storytelling. It can be a brush that adds color to your canvas, or it can also be a ticket that takes you on a tour to anywhere you long to visit: historical landmarks, dream bedroom, hometown village or future fantasy… you name it!
Click here for more details.
See what last year's Grand Prize winner and Best Original Award winner have to offer in D5 users' interviews.


1. New aircraft and ship assets have been added to D5 Asset Library. Find them under Vehicle category.
2. More D5 gifts to come!
We are planning to add some new gifts to redeem with D5 Grains. What do you want the most? Leave a comment in this post on D5 Forum and let us know!