D5 Times Vol.05

D5 Times regularly collects the latest news about D5 Render to help everyone get to know D5 more in a fun and easy way.
Renders   selects great works of global D5 users.  
introduces tricks that can help improve your rendering skill and efficiency.  
follows up the development progress and features on the roadmap.  
       shares interesting stories about D5 Render and announces notifications
Thank you for witnessing the development of D5 Render, and we are sure to keep up the good work!


Kitechen Interior Design | Artist: Furkan Ahlat
Araroaca + Building | Artist: dnmorato
Architecture Visualization | Artist: JJJ

Scene Express - Same scene, Different versions

Original scene | Artist: Showing Inspiration  download the file
Artist: dreambox studio
Artist: LINK


1. Any tutorial or user manual for Revit-D5 users?

Thanks to Karam, our D5 Converter - Revit product manager, we have a detailed tutorial on our Youtube channel to help you get started with this workflow. Check out the video and you'll find everything you need.
To learn more about how D5 works with Revit, see here.

2. Why can't D5 run on my computer? What do I need to run D5 Render smoothly?

Since D5 Render adopts real-time raytracing technology built on DXR of Windows systems, that sets minimum requirements for graphics cards and Windows versions. To install D5 and get up and running, please make sure your graphics card supports raytracing. For more info, see here.
How D5 performs depends a lot on your graphics card and vram. Normally higher specs bring better performance and results. Many users purchased a better card so as to run D5 on their computer, and from what we were told, it proves to be a worthy investment.
In response to your doubts regarding D5's performance on different specs, we're working on a test tool to collect statisctics from our users. By carrying out a test and analyzing the results with your help, we can hopefully come to a conclusion and publish a benchmark for your reference.


[D5 Converter - 3ds Max] Update

New plugin to support Max 2022 & 2023 is under beta testing and will be released in about a month. Sorry to have kept you waiting, but it is really around the corners now! Stay tuned.
Updated D5 Converter - 3ds Max has a better User Interface and supports:

[D5 Render 2.2.1 Image Quality Improved Version] Release

A new version of D5 with improved image quality will be released within a week. Improvements of image quality include fixing noises on curtain materials, white edges of glasses and vegetations, etc.
Here are some comparisons collected from our beta testers:
Special thanks to Li Yule, Ruo Qiao, longtimenosee for providing the scenes for testing.


1. D5 Works | D5 Asset Library Updates
Character optimizations, Decals, Vehicles update, Water materials... find out more here.

2. Grass
We have been getting a lot of requests for better grass material in D5, and don't worry guys, grass is being improved and we will share with you more info when it's ready.
3. D5 Render Challenge II
Last call for entries
11 days to go, you still have the chance to win from a prize pool of 19,000 USD!
Some of our entry submissions:
Scenic wonder | Artist: BNQstudios
La marsa Dream rest house | Artist: Anas Shinati
From gray to color | Artist: Michal
City×Jungle | Artist: samuel
If you're not sure what to create and what to focus on in your entry, check out what the jury prepared for our participants.