How to Create Stunning Facade Design / Visualization with D5 Render

In architecture visualization, the façade of a building or a house is very important. From high-rise buildings to modern skyscrapers, we need to impress our clients or anyone seeing the work with a stunning façade since it usually takes up the most part of the project. Amazing facades are able to catch people's attention at first sight.
In today's D5 blog, we are going to share some tips on how to improve your building façade renderings.

Adjust the lighting

Lighting is always a top priority for a superb facade rendering.
Architectural visualization is about a harmonious overall ambience where buildings can fit into the natural environment. Normally for a real project of high-rises, we need to simulate the surrounding blocks, streets, to make sure the building can blend into the environment appropriately.
In D5 Render, it is much easier to simulate real lighting conditions of a building, thanks to its Geo & Sky system. You just search for the geographic information(longitude, latitude, etc.) of the location you need, and adjust accordingly in D5's Geo&Sky panel, then it will automatically calculate the accurate sunlight angle and intensity. In this way, D5 brings the real-life lighting conditions to your render in a snap.
You can also adjust the Sun Disk Radius for a softer shadow, so the lighting becomes more natural and realistic.

Speed up with Interior Parallax

Whether for high-rises or villas, bright floor-to-ceiling windows on the facade will always be the icing on the cake, especially when it comes to a medium or long shot.
To quickly furnish the space behind the facade window, we have this handy tool provided by D5 Render -- Interior Parallax. Choose a suitable parallax asset from D5 Asset Library, then drag and drop it into the scene. That's all we need to do to set up a nice interior decoration for the facade.

Set up surroundings

Other than interior parallax, D5 has a lot more to offer.
To create stunning and convincing landscape or architectural visualizations, choose from thousands of high-quality assets in D5's cloud-based library. In addition to vehicles, human characters, plants which are commonly used, D5 Asset Library also provides buildings, street components, landscape assets, and dynamic particles.
To further enrich the environment like a neighbourhood, D5 offers a lot of dynamic model and particle assets. These animated assets are of great help in making the whole scene more lively and vibrant.
For example, after polishing up the overall environment, you can add to the sky a flock of birds, a plane, or even a hot air balloon from D5 Model Library, bringing your render to life.
Another great tool for archviz projects that D5 introduced is the weather system: rain, snow, cloud, fog, and wind.
Clouds or fog added on point can take your renders to another level. Height, Density, Falloff and several other parameters are also supported.

Use high-quality materials

Cameras close enough to the facade can tell a lot about the materials/textures you apply for the models. Using textures from D5 with high-resolution material maps, preset adaptive parameters, your facade will be even more realistic and stunning.
D5's round corner and one-click thickness simulation features are also super convenient.
For skyscrapers/buildings with glass façade, the free Blue Curtain Wall Glass material from D5 Asset Library is highly recommended.
Apart from that, aluminum plate, rough concrete, landscape textures, and diverse wall bricks are also included in D5 Material Library.
A lot of free downloadable 4k-textured materials are available, so you can effortlessly make a realistic facade rendering with D5 Render.

Cinematic render

Artistic archviz is much more than just rendering skills.
To fully display a beautiful facade of the building, we need to set a good viewpoint for the camera. To do this, we can turn on the Grid in D5 Render, aligning our building both horizontally and vertically. It also shows us whether each part is positioned in the right place. What's more, do not forget to turn on the two-point perspective view.
Just like what you'd encounter in the real world, the ground may seem a bit tilted when being modeled. In this case, we can slightly rotate the camera angle in D5 (in the top right corner of the viewport) to ensure the ground is placed flat in the scene.
*Water particle assets from D5 Asset Library
Angles and composition vary depending on different circumstances. For this scene, another highlight is the falling water assets. Compared with a head-on shot of the building facade, highlighting what's around the facade will create a sense of aesthetic. Therefore, we can position the camera from the right side to capture the swimming pool and the facade at the same time. This also adds vitality to the render.
Download this demo scene for free on D5 Forum


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