The Necessity of Real-time Visualization in BIM & Architecture

Real-time visualization tools have a lot of potential for the future of architecture. They are disruptive in the way architect design can now be branded, marketed, and approved. This innovative technology - which can incorporate virtual reality, augmented reality, and 3D printing - is rapidly changing the architectural design landscape. In this article, we’ll take a look at what the tech is, and how freelancers, studios, or firms can benefit from advanced, high-quality visualization tools like D5 Render.

What is real-time visualization?

The term "real-time visualization" is a general term for any type of visual data representation that is updated in real-time. In the field of computer graphics, real-time visualization is used to present data in a form that can be altered rapidly by humans as well as computers — it allows companies, creatives, and designers to showcase their work visually in such a manner that it is being created as they interact with it.
The goal of real-time visualization is to make it possible for people to interact with the data naturally and for computers to quickly process the data and update the display accordingly.Real-time visualization can be used in many different fields, including architecture, interior design, landscape design, urban planning and 3D animation.
Among all the real-time visualization tools, D5 Render is a game-changer with its GPU ray-tracing technology. The possibility of rendering in real-time makes life so much easier for designers, architects and 3D artists. At the same time, D5 provides astonishing visual results at great speed.
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Why are real-time visualization tools critical for BIM?

Today, the software is as important to the architectural business as pen and paper. There are dozens of software options out there - D5 Render being one of the best - that firms have to embrace to truly get the best quality, improve their workflow, stay competitive, and maintain a profitable advantage. If firms fail to do so they leave the door open for someone else to swoop in and feast on their clients and investors pools.
The industry right now is changing — it is shifting and transitioning from CAD to BIM - Building Information Modeling, and with it, we are seeing a whole new cutting-edge suite of tools entering the fray. In the following section, we will take into consideration BIM and how D5 Render, a real-time visualization tool, helps in its value creation.

Review Options quickly

Your team will need to make important decisions quickly and real-time visualization can help in that regard.
Waiting in front of the screen for several hours, or even days, to see the result of offline rendering could upset you and your clients because they expect quick response. However, with D5 Render, any changes can be viewed at the moment they are made. Normally, even the most basic RTX graphics card can take only minutes to render an image of a relatively large scene in 8k resolution. Many users even use screenshots in D5 as demo to preresent to clients.
In addition, you can try out different materials in D5 with its easy-to-use material editing system. Update the mapping and adjust some parameters. That's all you have to do to create a satisfactory result. No more time-consuming trial and error you have to go through like back in the days with offline renderer.

Allows to answer questions

Real-time 3D visualization tools allow teams, not just in the creative but construction department, to quickly assess different aspects of the schematic design. Architects can evaluate all manner of factors and quickly answer questions regarding the space — like daylight exposure, panoramic views, and material use.

Last-minute changes

By adopting 3D real-time rendering tools and linking them into your BIM design phase, creatives can incorporate last-minute changes into a design. Those changes to the BIM model can be insatantly updated into D5 Render with the direct link livesync plugin D5 Converter. Scene, camera, material and light aynchronizations are all included. You can turn on the view sync and see how changes to the BIM file will perform in the D5 rendering project.

Preview BIM models as in real life

With the use of 3D real-time visualization, designers can now excite their potential client’s imagination — sparking the flames of creativity.
You can simulate natural environment with D5's dual Environment system, including HDRI and Geo&Sky. Need some decorations in the scene? Select your ideal assets (models, particles and decals) from the continuously updated built-in D5 Asset Library with over 7,000 models inside. Global Illumination is a key point to producing photorealistic images. Luckily D5 Render has it as well.
Integrating a real-time visualization tool, like D5 Render, with your BIM allows architects and teams to rapidly review, create, and present designs — allowing clients to fully understand the vision of the architect. D5 guarantees efficiency with GPU ray-tracing technology so that any visual effects can be previewed instantly.

Quality issues/Error detection

A big problem with CAD or BIM models is that not all possible errors are evident on the page or in the interface. Often in drawing plans, not everything is as it should be. Real-time 3D visualization makes modeling errors visually obvious. This means that issues can be addressed more efficiently, even before the first brick is laid.

The benefits of real-time visualization in the BIM phase

In the past, it was difficult to see how a building would look before it was under construction, but now we have the technology to visualize the future. This is called real-time visualization and it has many benefits for architects and designers. With D5 Render, a real-time visualization tool, architects can now create more innovative designs with more confidence because they can visualize how their design will look in real-time — and incorporate changes to it rapidly. They can also now more easily communicate their design ideas, using visual medium instead of just describing them verbally or through drawings.
Aerial view rendering by Snake Archviz
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