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Explore how to quickly turn your spatial design concepts into visuals with the best AI design tool for architects.

Architects are known for their innovative ideas when designing buildings and spaces. However, the process of turning concepts into visuals can be time-consuming and mentally exhausting, and it's common for designers to experience creative blocks or even lose their initial ideas during the process.

That's why D5 Hi, an AI conceptual design tool, was born: to help architects capture their concepts in a quick yet creative way, making design easier than starting from scratch yourself.

Despite being the most popular AI image tools currently available, stable diffusion and mid journey have steep learning curves when it comes to practical application in architecture. D5 Hi, however, is specifically designed and trained for spatial design, and is also integrated with real-time rendering software D5 Render, ensuring that architects can quickly and easily bring AI-generated spatial concepts to life.

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How D5 Hi is integrated into architectural design

Imagine having D5 Hi that seamlessly integrates into your architecture design workflow, allowing you to simply input basic sketches or even describe your ideas with words, and watch as D5 Hi generates 2D visuals with accuracy and impressive creativity.

Designers can convert these visualizations into stunning 3D walkthroughs/animations using D5 Render, significantly boosting work efficiency.

Put simply, the AI-powered architecture design workflow is:

D5 Hi for Rendering Refinements

"I uploaded a render I did on D5 (the left image) and then just prompted 'house, twilight' in D5 Hi with the Accurate mode (the right image). I find it VERY useful to check how the lighting should look and the overall ambiance of the scene. Then I can adjust my render for something similar(the third image)," said Xavier Alonso Mayorgarodz.

Image Credit: Xavier Alonso Mayorgarodz

D5 Hi for Rendering Atmosphere Previews

Jamstech Studios uploaded their own SketchUp model onto D5 Hi and generated stunning conceptual images, providing clear direction for the atmosphere.

These conceptual images also provide clients with a quick preview, allowing them to choose their preferred atmosphere, thus avoiding the need for repetitive modifications during the later stages of the visualization process.

The Original Model
D5 Hi Visuals

Image Credit: Jamstech Studios

Quoc Phan, a professional interior designer, also tested the AI-powered concept-rendering workflow. He can "rely on the D5 Hi generated images as the basis of my complete project using D5 Render."

The Original Model
D5 Hi Visuals
A Basic Render in D5

Image Credit: Quoc Phan

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