1.9.0 Updates


New and improvements


  • Added Geo and Sky System controlled by time and latitude/longitude

  • Press Z to quickly Focus on the model

  • Press F11 to hide the Right-side Inspector panel in the window

  • Extended Model Replacement feature to support replacing with models in Asset Library

  • Foliage Material template(Double Sided)

  • Supported Color adjustment for plant assets

  • Supported separate adjustment for Sky Light and Background Light Intensity

  • Added the Light Radius parameter for Point Light and Spotlight

  • Added mapping for Emissive Light Intensity

  • Added Transparent Material Channel Map for rendered images

  • HDRI automatically scales according to scene


  • Optimized the Emissive Effect and improved the accuracy of irradiation 

  • Optimized Water Material effect 

  • Optimized the Fog reflection effect, added the Sunlight Tindal effect support for specular reflection

  • Added glass reflection to specular reflection in rendering results 

  • Another upgrade for the Global Illumination 

  • Expanded range of video roughness 

  • Curtain material supports penetrance effect

  • Optimized the calculation efficiency of plants in large scenes

  • Great improvement in rendering efficiency 

  • Improved Low-quality effects in editing mode


  • Supported Shift shortcut to accelerate value change in the Mouse Drag Input Box

  • Supported RGB, HSV, and HEX modes, as well as an on-screen Color Picker for color controls

  • Supported multi-selection and group setting of IES files for Spotlight

  • Optimized HDR, LUT, IES file selection control

  • Supported separate settings in different scenes for LUT

  • Optimized the effect of Plant Brush and Scatter Tool


  • Added 412 Asian Plants

  • Large Scene files failed be loaded after saved

  • Abnormal emissive effect

  • Render Queue saving error

1.8.0 Updates


New and improvements


  • Dynamic Particle Assets

  • follows HDR for sunlight

  • Multi-selected models can be aligned with source coordinates

  • Invisible in Raytracing option added for materials

  • AO Mapping of materials

  • Lens flare effects

  • Camera motion control

  • Camera Z-axis rotation

  • Model group supports video keyframes

  • d5a model group supports exporting and saving to the local library

  • Different HDR settings for different scenes

  • The Real-Time toggle is available for different preview qualities

  • D5 Converter-SU/Revit/ArchiCad supports light sync

  • D5 Converter-3DS MAX supports live sync Beta



  • Further GI improvement GI accuracy enhancements

  • Denoiser enhancement in video rendering

  • Multiple reflections available in video rendering

  • Optimization of fog parameter settings



  • Optimization of the plant brush tool

  • Optimization of plant collision

  • Significant improvement on rendering efficiency of large, plant-filled scenes

  • Adjusted menu bar

  • Adjusted some interface details

  • Undo and redo errors for list operations

  • Brightness range error for Spotlight IES

  • Normal map failure

  • Unexpected changes for selected items in the resource list

  • Library list display failure

  • 4K monitor adaptation

  • D5 Converters - synchronization failure for large scenes

  • Misaligned UV for Displacement materials

  • Partial map missing for imported skp files

1.8.1 Updates


New and improvements
  • Supports .abc animation format import  BETA

  • New Scale Tool for models

  • Supports hue, saturation, brightness and contrast adjustment when editing Base Color

  • Input box supports mouse dragging and arrow keys for precise adjustment

  • Supports Brush in Recent Use of D5 Assets Library

  • Auto-generates model thumbnails for the Local Library

  • Remember whether to hide elements for each scene

  • Large Scene files failed be loaded after saved

  • Abnormal emissive effect

  • Render Queue saving error

1.7.1 Updates


New features
  • HDR sampling optimization

  • Fog Effect

  • Assets library categories

  • Self-illumination effect

  • Window custom zoom

  • Thumbnails of scenes display

  • D5 Converter - Workflow sync plugins

    • Launch D5 Render from D5 Converters

    • Optimized the efficiency of synchronization

    • Sync scenes from SU/ArchiCAD/Revit

  • Bloom effect bug in output images

  • the issue with two point perspective in video multiple clips

1.7.0 Updates


New features
  • Render queue (Images & Videos)

  • Video with multiple clips

  • Video material

  • Rhino direct import

  • Workflow plugins D5 Converter for SketchUp, Revit, ArchiCAD

  • Scene parameters copy & paste

  • 6 Orthogonal Views

  • Composition line feature​​

  • Curtain material effect optimization

  • Bloom effect optimization

  • Merging of "Create" and "Open" , allowing to create new empty scenes

  • New gizmo function to move by center

  • Added a new option to switch scene with camera only

  • Asset library loading speed optimization

  • "My Assets" library supports file location management now

  • Added a new option of emissive lighting whether contributes to GI calculation

  • UI details optimization

1.6.2 Updates


New features
  • Education Edition

  • Top view display mode (shortcut T)

  • Wireframe display mode

  • Multi selection function with the mouse (CTRL)

  • Search function in scene resource list

  • Character Motion Rate Matching Switch in Video

  • Light source keyframe switch in video

  • Video Timeline Zoom (ALT)

  • Alpha Channel Output

  • New filtered items for plants, people, etc.

  • Improved plant dispersal efficiency

  • Replaced the display of artificial light sources

  • Optimized the style of import resource list

  • Adjusted the model grouping rotation way

  • Optimized keyframe adsorption experience

  • Adjusted some UI details

  • Illumination no longer affects the axes

  • Optimized real-time transition experience

  • Increased video rendering speed

  • Improved stability

  • Errors in which model units are displayed inconsistently

  • Light source display error caused by Shift copy operation

  • Occasional crash in exporting panorama 

  • Black block issue in material ID channel map

  • Renders with jaggies and black lines in two-point perspective mode

  • Custom size display error in exported images

1.6.1 Updates


New features
  • Scene resource list supports drag and drop sorting, shift multiple selection and filtering

  • Added scatter tool function

  • Added material UV Triplanar repair function

  • Render: multiple bounces in reflection

  • Render: transparent shadows

  • Render: volumetric fog in reflection

  • Continuous placement of vegetation with support for random parameters

  • Shift + brush now can affect only selected area

  • Added hot key: shift to accelerate and spacebar to decelerate when moving

  • Added new gizmo function: moving in a plane

  • Improved efficiency of vegetation rendering

  • Enhanced displacement material effects

  • Auto pause rendering when idle

  • Adjusted camera moving damping

  • Key "WASD" not working occasionally

  • Failure to move the axes of large models

  • UI freezes occasionally

  • Material map location path is not remembered 

  • Rendering failure occasionally

  • Artifacts of white edges on transparent object

  • Re-calibrated exposure of indoor and exterior lightings

  • Out of memory issues during reloading D5 scenes

  • Black screen issue when loading occasionally

  • Artifacts with the vegetation brush tool exceeding area boundaries

  • Enhanced stabilities

1.6.0 Updates


New features
  • Keyframe animation

  • Dynamic models of people, vehicles

  • New vegetation

  • New Imported models management tray

  • New model reloading and replacing

  • D5 Passport login

  • Improved the performance of vegetation brush

  • Enhanced volumetric light effect

  • Simplified material templates

  • Axis display error on multiple selection

1.5.1 Updates


  • Real-time performance improves

  • GI calculation improves

  • Mirror reflection enhanced

  • Graphics card memory optimizes during image rendering

  • Support switching light sources during video editing

  • Light sources added high light intensity parameters

  • Optimized the rectangular light style and parameters

  • Stripe light remade  

  • Support materials UV locking ratio

  • Preset initial viewing speed based on model size

  • Updating the exterior HDR environment mapping

  • Image and panoramic resolution increased to 8K

  • Thumbnails are automatically generated for materials saved in 「My Assets」

  • Partial UI detail adjustment

1.5.0 Updates


New features
  • Added model library

  • 76 vegetation and ground assets

  • New tools of brush and eraser

  • 60 stone and ground materials

  • Added coordinates control for scene objects

  • Support multi select and group in scene management tray

  • Optimized animation duration setting

  • Enhanced UI visual details

  • Support 2K animation

  • Improved animation quality , free of flickering and moire

  • Enhanced stability for 4K rendering under low video card memory condition

  • Automatically output stitched panorama

  • Fixed material picker's indication highlight problem

  • Fixed animation path errors

  • Fixed bugs and crashes

1.4.1 Updates


New features
  • camera clipping plane

  • using lookup tables (LUTs) for color grading

  • post processing parameters recover

  • artificial light parameters adjustments

  • auto-exposure improvements

  • default tone-mapping adjustments

  • emissive light quality enhancements

  • global illumination quality enhancements

  • glossy reflection enhancements


white mode effect

  • volumetric light effect

  • UV mapping artifacts of .skp imported models

  • displacement materials artifacts of .fbx imported model

1.4.0 Updates


New features
  • video recording(beta)

  • “open recent” on welcome page to view project history

  • press Ctrl for multiple selection in resource list

  • keyboard shortcut Ctrl + G to form light source and models into groups

  • multiple selection of light source for batch adjustment

  • option to top the material library

  • Rendering speed promote 3 times

  • support size adjustment of material library

  • HDR outdoor image by default

  • adjustment to rotation axis

  • save scene parameters

  • partial UI details

  • no image at maximized program window

  • program uninstall error

  • error in importing .fbx file

  • popup window sticking to the top; overlay display available