D5 Affiliate Program

Up to 20% Commission
Refer D5 Pro to your friends and followers, and earn shares from all referred payments.
They'll get an extended free trial and 5% off.
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How It Works

Step 1 / Join the program
Step 2 / Promote D5 to your audience
Share your unique affiliate link through your channels.
Step 3 / Earn rewards
For every new Pro upgrade, you'll earn 10-20% of all payments for the first year/month - with no limits.

See what friends/followers can get

Your friends or followers will receive an extended trial and a 5% discount on their D5 Pro subscription when they join D5 through your affiliate link.

Who can apply

We welcome influencers, D5 creators, designers, bloggers, writers, community owners, entrepreneurs, and others to promote D5 and apply to our program.

Brand Resource

Note: DO NOT impersonate D5 Render or try to trick people into thinking your company is D5 Render.


What is D5 Affiliate Program and how can I apply?

The affiliate program is a way for bloggers, writers, community owners, entrepreneurs, influencers, D5 creators, and others to spread the word about D5 and earn financial rewards.

Apply with this link! We review affiliate applicants on a weekly basis. We ask for some information about you, your content links and your audience to evaluate and approve you.

How much does it cost to become an affiliate?

Becoming a D5 affiliate is free. No setup fee, no start up cost, no hidden performance targets to reach.

How much can I earn in commission?

You will earn a commission for each confirmed new D5 Pro subscription you refer, with the rate determined by the content and audience information you provide, ranging from 10% to 20% of the payment.

For example, with a 10% commission rate, if a referral upgrades to D5 Pro for the first time through your affiliate link, you'll receive $36 for each annual subscription ($360 x 10%) and $3.8 for each monthly subscription ($38 x 10%).

Which D5 products can affiliates sell?

The affiliate program is currently only available for D5 Pro and does not include D5 for Teams.

Why my affiliate is not working?

Generally, we only revoke affiliate status if there's a breach of the affiliate user agreement.

If your affiliate status is fine, but your friends/followers (referrals) have reported that they did not receive the extended free trail and 5% coupon, it could be because they downloaded and bought D5 Pro before using your exclusive link. This would prevent them from benefiting from the first-time user discount.

If your referrals have downloaded the D5 render but haven't bought the D5 Pro subscription yet, they can still get the 5% discount (valid for 30 days) on D5 Pro but won't be eligible for the additional free trial.

What if a user downgrades?

Should a user downgrade from a paid annual/monthly plan to a free one, or receive a subscription refund, we reserve the right to retract the reward or deduct the equivalent amount from future commissions.

Is there a minimum number of sales that need to be referred?

No, there isn’t a minimum number of sales that we will require you to make.