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Maximum Productivity Through Teamwork

Team Library 

Access Anywhere, Share Anytime
with Secure Team Library

Team Management

Manage Teams
of All Scales with Ease

Multi-editor Editing 

Work Together on the Same Project
at the Same Time
Virtual Tour by D5 Render

Virtual Tour

Present Your Designs
Immersively and Interactively
D5 Render for teams
Team Project
Work Together
on the Same Project at the Same Time
Collaborate seamlessly with Worksets to enable multiple members to work on the same project simultaneously, speeding up teamwork and delivery: Interior & Exterior, Architecture & Landscape, Scene building & Animation... all at the same time. Customize the way you collaborate and receive updates, feedback in real time.
Client Presentations Made Easy
with Virtual Tour Integration
Transform properties, interior spaces, and architectural projects into immersive virtual tours in minutes, with customizable hotspots. Share your vision with one click sharing for instant online access or opt for EXE files for a seamless offline viewing.
Revolutionize the way you present with D5 Showreel, an easy-to-use & cost-effective platform for crafting, sharing, and managing virtual experiences to improve client engagement and broaden audience reach.
Virtual Tour
D5 Render for teams
Team Presets
Save Time
with Curated Presets and More from D5
Get render-ready effect presets from D5 Curated to quickly set the desired ambience for your scene. Save and share your go-to vegetation brush preset or an easy-to-use vehicle path preset for team members to apply wherever necessary. More exclusive resources from D5 to be added as bonus for you!
Access Anywhere, Share Anytime
with Secure Team Library
Have all that your team needs stored in one place, even when the team isn't. Easily create a shared drive or NAS for your team to securely store and access 3D resources and projects. With this streamlined approach, you can focus on maximizing productivity and unleashing creativity without worrying about the chaos or data breaches.
Manage Teams
of All Scales with Ease
As the team owner or admin, effortlessly add or remove members, assign tasks and grant access to kickstart projects instantly. Gain full visibility into everyone's progress through Team Dashboard, and track problems beforehand. Stay in the loop and discover the productivity of your team.
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Plans & Pricing

For advanced, professional users
USD $360/year (Save 20%)
Billed monthly
Pro Features
Unlimited access to D5's AI-powered features
12,500+ models, materials, particles
VR(Virtual Reality) walkthroughs
Various frame rate and more export options
Project merging capability
Projector for custom video display
Frame sequence rendering
Premium technical support
All the Community Features
Unlimited number of projects
Livesync workflow integrations  
Major file format imports
D5 for TEAMS
For teams of 2 or more members
Per seat, USD $708/year (Save 21%)
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Per seat, billed monthly
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What's more in Teams
Virtual Tour
Simultaneous editing
Member access control
100GB of cloud workspace
Resource management & sharing
Curated presets and more from D5
All the Community and Pro Features
Unlimited access to D5's AI-powered features
VR(Virtual Reality) walkthroughs
12,500+ models, materials, particles
Upgrade from Pro to Teams in a snap! Talk to sales for details.
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Landscape Rendering by LAB D+H Shanghai Office
Landscape Rendering by SWA Group
Architecture project made with D5 Render
Landscape rendering with D5 | Artist: bemaarch

Evolve in the way your team works
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Real-time 3D Collaboration 

Multi-editor Editing

Virtual Tour

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What is D5 for Teams?

D5 for Teams is designed to offer an optimized design workflow by introducing a collaborative solution. It aims to enhance creativity and productivity in regards to design, visualization, iteration, and collaboration. More features will roll out to further simplify Management, Collaboration, and Presentation for teams of all scales.

Why D5 for Teams?

As an admin user of D5 for Teams, you have the ability to invite or remove team members, making it easier to manage a growing team. You can also create and manage your own team asset library for the team to access and speed up work. D5 Studio's 100GB cloud space is perfect for reducing redundant efforts and boosting team efficiency.As a regular user of D5 for Teams, you'll be able to focus on your own part of the project while keeping you and the team posted about each other's progress. You can collaborate with your team members to set up a team library, and take advantage of the shared 3D assets. D5 Studio also enables quick sharing or acquisition of resources, keeping your go-to presets all in one place.

What is the difference between D5 Pro and D5 for Teams?

D5 Pro is a great fit for individual designers, visualizers, architects, and small groups of 1-3 users, while D5 for Teams is ideal for teams of two or more. Both plans offer access to assets and advanced features of D5. However, some exclusive features of D5 for Teams are specifically designed for teamwork, such as multi-editor editing, team library and D5 Studio. These features facilitate the accumulation of more 3D resources and the Team Content Collaborative Sharing feature enhances the team design process. For detailed information about the permissions and pricing of the two subscription plans, please visit Plans and Pricing.

What types of business use D5 for Teams?

D5 for Teams is a versatile tool that benefits various types of design teams. Whether it's a small to medium-sized team seeking to expedite their design process and enhance efficiency, or a large enterprise managing complex projects that necessitate inter-departmental collaboration, D5 for Teams can cater to their needs.Moreover, it's an excellent tool for in-house teams across various disciplines, including landscape design, architectural design, interior design, animation, and more.

Is there training available to help the team get up to run with D5 for Teams quickly?

Yes, we offer training to ensure your team can quickly adapt to using D5 for Teams. Teams users have access to D5 tutorials designed to facilitate a smooth start. Additionally, you will receive dedicated technical support from our team, who are ready to assist you on a one-on-one basis and address your specific needs.

Can I buy just one seat?

No, the minimum purchase of D5 for Teams plan is two seats to meet the subscription threshold requirement.