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Does D5 Render works on my rig?

D5 Render requires a minimum NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB. We highly recommend NVIDIA GeForce RTX or Quadro RTX series. In terms of the operating system, D5 Render’s runs only on Windows v1809 with DX12 + DXR.

The recently released AMD Radeon RX 6000 Series Graphics Cards will be supported, starting from D5 Render Ver. 1.8.0. Please be noted that DLSS acceleration technology is not compatible with AMD graphics cards.

Does D5 Render works on other GPU / Mac / Linux / any other machine?

D5 Render requires Windows 10 DXR API, and there is currently no other AMD or Intel GPUs compatible with Windows 10 DXR.

Mac or Linux platform does not provide any API to utilize real-time ray tracing acceleration features at this moment. D5 will consider extending our product on Mac or Linux once these platforms are RTX ready.

Download Official Demo Scenes

Image by Christian Fregnan
Quick Start Guide

Render your first trial project with our demo scenes. Quick learn how to play D5 Render from our youtube quick start tutorial and tips.

Chinese Style Interior
Learning Center

By KJJ Studio

Snow Mountain.jpg
Snow Mountain

By Liu Peng

Chinese Style Interior

By Andrew

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Supported SketchUp 2017 to SketchUp 2021


Supported Revit 2017 to Revit 2021


Supported 3Ds Max 2017 or above


Supported Blender 2.8.2 or above


Supported ARCHICAD 21 to ARCHICAD24


Supported Rhino 6.5 or higher

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