D5 for Education is now open for application. For school faculty and students who major in architecture, design, landscape and 3d animation at a government-accredited educational institution, you can now enjoy a free access to the full features and assets of D5 Render for educational and research purposes.
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  1. What are needed to apply: Edu email, student/teacher ID card and proof
  2. How long it takes to review: about 7-14 workdays
  3. When to bind the device: within 7 days after the application is approved
  4. How long the license is valid: each time 180 days
Detailed Guide


Is D5 Educational License free?

Yes, it's free of charge.

Why can't my account apply for D5 for Edu?

Please note that only a D5 Community account can apply for D5 Educational License. To check whether you account is D5 Pro (subscribed or gifted), visit MySpace > Subscription.

What's the difference between D5 Render Pro and Educational license?

D5 for Education is free of charge, and offers all the features and assets exclusive to D5 Pro. It is a fixed-seat license, which means your Edu account is limited to only one particular computer. With a D5 Edu license, you're not permitted to use D5 for commercial purposes.

How long does D5 Educational License last?

It's valid for 180 days. You can renew it by applying again after it expires if you still meet the requirements then.

How should I bind my Edu license to my device?

To bind your Edu License with your device, please update your D5 Render to our latest version. Then, login to D5 Render using your D5 account granted with the Edu License. You can then follow the step-by-step guide to finish your binding process.

Is D5 for Edu valid for commercial projects?

No. D5 for Education is only accessible for students and educators who are looking to use D5 Render for learning, teaching, and research. Commercial usage is prohibited.

Guía de aplicación link

Please watch this video: https://youtu.be/ZVK6magk7qE.