Application Requirements

As a student or educator at a government-accredited educational institution, you are eligible for D5 Render Educational License.

How To Apply

Method 1: Contact us through a professor or dean of your university
Method 2: Apply as a group consisting of at least 5 students with the same major

Step-by-step Application Guide

1. Click the "Application Form" button below to download the application file.
2. For Method 1:   The dean/professor who is serving as the main contact should fill in form1 with info of your educational institutions. Every student applying for Edu License from this class/major should fill in form2 with their own information and proof of educational status.
   For Method 2:   The students should each fill in form2 with their own information and proof of educational status.
3. Send the completed forms in one file to with subject line "D5 Edu Application"
Please fill in the forms in English, and do not send the forms separately.
We will get back to you by e-mail within 7 business days.
* In the case of any contradiction or discrepancy between the attachments and the terms stated on this page, this page shall prevail.
Application Form


What's the difference between D5 Render Pro and Educational license?

D5 Educational License is free of charge, and offers all the features and assets exclusive to D5 Pro. It is a fixed-seat license, which means your Edu account is limited to only one particular computer. With a D5 Edu license, you're not permitted to use D5 for commercial purposes.

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How long does Educational License last?

It's valid for 12 months. You can renew it by applying again after it expires if you still meet the requirements then.

Is Educational License valid for commercial projects?

No. D5 Educational License is only accessible for students and educators who are looking to use D5 Render for learning, teaching, and research. Commercial usage is prohibited.

To consult on D5 Edu License, please contact