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Design, Render All-in-One Solution

Real-time rendering to instantly see your design come to life
3,800+ landscape models including vegetation, stones, outdoor furniture and more
Livesync with DCC software to modify your design at any time
Fast image/animation output close to offline rendering quality

Easy, Efficient Visualization for Landscape Designers

Frequently updated landscape model/material library tailored for different regions
PCG-driven D5 Scatter tool to easily achieve complex, layered landscape design
Grouped plant combinations that help you reuse them with ease
Real-time visibility of material adjustments

High-Quality Animation Made with Ease

Animated assets including vegetation, characters, water particles and more
Fast animation output speed
Accurate real-time viewport saving time on repetitive post-editing

Why D5 Render

Realistic Light and Shadow
Real-time raytracing solution and D5 GI with increased light bounces for realistic lighting transitions
Atmospheric Environment
HDRI/Geo and Sky for natural skylight and one-click fog/wind/cloud/snow/rain generation
Lifelike Foliage Material
Foliage material that reproduces the good translucency of leaves in real life
Abundant Vegetation Models
3,800+ still/animated global plant models for various regions
Plentiful Landscape Textures
2,000+ high-quality materials including wood, stone, road and more
Large Scene Capability
Capability of handling large scenes with high-precision trees and grasses

Case Study

Clients may find it hard to tell apart the materials of stone, wood, rockery, and stream which are not lifelike in SketchUp. We need a more straight way to better communicate with clients, so we chose D5 Render.
Lab D+H
"D5 helps us to achieve better results in a shorter time." With a wealth of models and powerful asset tools, D+H can quickly build a greenery area with ease.

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Industry Case


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