D5 Service Agreement

Version: 2021 8th Sept
Welcome to use D5 series software!


Important: Before you (also the “User”) read and decide whether to accept this D5 Service Agreement (the “Agreement”), we advises you to carefully read and make sure you understand the provisions of this Agreement, especially those sections that are underlined and in bold. If you are a minor under 14, please read this Agreement carefully and decide whether to accept this Agreement in the company of your legal guardian. If you already read and agree to the provisions of this Agreement, you can start using functions and services of D5 series software. If you have any questions about this Agreement, or unable to accept this Agreement in whole or in part, or wish to provide feedback (including suggestions and complaints) to D5 company in the course of use, you can contact us via email at support@d5techs.com.

This  Agreement is a legally binding agreement between you (Individual or Individual Entity) and Nanjing Weiwu network Technology Co., Ltd( hereinafter referred to as "D5 Company "), the copyright owner of whose products including but not limited to D5 render, D5 Works and D5 Converter. Revisions or additions to this Agreement may be provided along with the software or login page, please stay tuned.


During purchase, download, account creation or software installation, you will be notified to consent to be bound by the terms of this Agreement. If you do not consent to the terms of this Agreement, please do not purchase, download, install, copy or use the software. This Agreement applies to any software, electronic documents related to this product, and post-issue and upgrade of this product. Before installing this product, users should carefully read (minors should be accompanied by legal guardians to review) the terms of this Agreement, including the exemption clauses that exempt or restrict the liability of D5 Company and the rights restrictions on User. You need to be assured that you already understand and accept this Agreement before using this software product.

Service Content

The products and services provided by Nanjing Weiwu Network Technology Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "D5"") include D5 Render Client Software, Official Website, Official Forum, D5 Converter Plug-in, D5 Workshop Website and D5 Pass (hereinafter referred to as" D5 Product "or" This product ").


Before using any D5 product, please carefully read this Agreement. Using any D5 product  means that you have fully read, understood and accepted the whole contents of this Agreement, and this Agreement is legally binding. As you agree to use D5 Product in a reasonable and legal manner as stipulated in this Agreement, you shall not claim that this Agreement is null and void or require its revocation on the grounds that you have not read the contents of this Agreement or have not obtained D5 feedbacks to your queries. D5 may change, modify, add or delete parts of this Agreement anytime at discretion. All changed versions of the Agreement shall become effective automatically 7 days after they have been published on this page and relevant websites. If you disagree with the relevant change, you shall immediately cease your access to or use of D5 Service. If the user continues to use D5 Service after 7 days of the amendment of the Agreement, you shall be deemed to have accepted the amended Agreement.


You must create a D5id to access certain features of D5 Product. You may not use other's account without permission, you may not use other's account number to use your unpaid for-pay products and services, including but not limited to D5 Pass. When registering for a D5id, you must provide accurate and complete information. You shall be fully responsible for your account behavior. If you find any breach of security or unauthorized use of the account, you must notify D5 immediately. Although D5 are not liable for any loss resulting from the unauthorized use of your account, you may be liable for any D5 or other loss resulting from the above unauthorized use.

Authorization and Limitation​

This Agreement authorizes you to download, install, and use D5 Product.​

You shall not lease, lend, sell, transfer, distribute, re-license any D5 Product. Grouping on e-commerce platforms, reselling for profits, and other acts are prohibited in any name. In such cases, D5 shall have the right to cancel the order and authorization.​

Any copy, plagiarism, decompile, reverse engineering of this Product is prohibited. If any equipment or information is damaged due to violation of the aforesaid prohibition clause, D5 will bear no responsibilities. You shall not modify D5 Product or create derivative works based on D5 Product. If you fail to comply with this Agreement, D5 have the right to terminate this Agreement. D5 Company reserves the right to claim compensation if you use D5 Product in violation of this Agreement and cause losses to D5.



D5 Company will not provide return service for digital products sold except as otherwise stipulated by law.



D5 will not collect any source file that you imported when using D5 Product. To promote and improve D5 Product, you accept that D5 Product sends hardware information such as computer names and hardware specifications to D5 Company servers, as well as some product usage information. The goal is to verify the validity of your license and to further improve the D5 render for future use, and to make recommendations for the hardware suitability of running the D5 render.D5 company will store D5id related data and D5 Pass activation, deactivation data in the database. D5 Company reserves the right to use these data for analytical purposes. Details please refer to Privacy Policy


You shall be solely liable for the use of D5 Product and any results from the use of D5 Product. d5 Company will not assume any warranty or commitment to the full accuracy and completeness of D5 Product and the data generated through the use of relevant services. You should use it with caution. D5 Company is not liable if you change D5 Product in any way, damage the medium due to accidental or misuse, or cause breakdown due to non-recommended hardware configuration.

Capacity for Act to Accept Terms of Services

Please make sure that you are a user over the age of 18, or a self-sufficient minor, and have obtained the consent of your parents or guardians, and are fully capable of signing the terms, conditions, obligations, acknowledgements, representations and warranties set forth in this Agreement and will comply with and fulfill this Agreement.


If you fail to comply with any of the provisions of this Agreement, D5 Company has the right to terminate at any time the license granted to you for the use of D5 Product. Upon termination of the license, you should immediately destroy or return all information relating to D5 Product, including but not limited to, the original document of this Product, its duplication, to D5 Company.


Termination of License


D5 Company shall have the right to terminate the license to use D5 Products at any time if you fail to comply with any terms and conditions of this Agreement. Upon the termination of the license, you shall immediately destroy or return to D5 Company all materials and information in relation to the D5 Products, including but not limited to the original files, copies thereof of this Product.​​

Dispute Resolution

This Agreement is governed by the laws of the People's Republic of China. If there is any dispute between you and D5 Company over the performance of this Agreement, you may settle the dispute through negotiation with D5 Company. If negotiation fails, either party shall have the right to file a lawsuit with a people's court having jurisdiction where D5 Company is located.​


3rd Party License​

Details please refer to 3rd party license page.