Let's Win D5 Pro!

Hi D5 users, it's been a wonderful journey with you! We are so blessed with an increasing number of users from around the world over the past few years. Your encouragements and suggestions have inspired us to keep moving forward. Hoping to extend our gratitude to everyone who uses and loves D5 Render, we decided to regularly hold some events for you to join and win D5 Pro and other gifts. We have a loving community where you can meet other talented users.

How to Win D5 Pro

#renderedwithD5 - Happy Holidays

How to participate

- Render more than 3 images or an animation(no shorter than 10s) for a holiday scene.
- If image, please post it on Facebook with the tag #renderedwithd5.
- If animation, please post it on Youtube with the title "D5 Render - Happy Holidays".


January 31, 2023 at 11:59 PM GMT.


- 3 Monthly D5 Pro for the winner
- 1 Monthly D5 Pro for who gets the most likes (no less than 100) on Facebook
The D5 Team will choose one of the participants as the winner and announce the result on Friday February 3, 2023 on the D5 Render Facebook page.

D5 Spotlight

D5 Spotlight

What is Spotlight

It is a program where D5 reaches out to its users for more renderings and D5 cases. D5 Team and D5 users join forces to make more content about D5 Render, and spread the good works to a wider audience.

We're looking to build an inclusive community for D5 users by providing a platform for you to share your renderings and stories through social media posts, case study, content creation and so much more.

What You'll Get

- Being featured in D5 official accounts on various platforms
- Making your renderings seen by more on D5 Gallery
Having your works and stories written into a Blog

How to Join

Please send your compressed renderings with brief self-introduction and case description to gallery@d5techs.com.
Learn More

G2/GoodFirms/Product Hunt/Trustpilot Review

Write reviews for D5 Render on G2/GoodFirms/Trustpilot/Product Hunt. Once the review gets approved, please contact us (support@d5techs.com) to get D5 Grains and D5 Pro license. These rewards are stackable.

- 14-day D5 Pro for G2/GoodFirms/Trustpilot Review
- 7-day D5 Pro for Product Hunt Review
- D5 Grain

Welcome Gift on Reddit

Every month on a random day we'll pick a user who posts renderings on r/AllAboutD5Render that day and give away a monthly D5 pro.

Monthly D5 Pro

D5 Referral Program

Welcome to recommend D5 Render to your friends through our referral program. After a successful referral, both you and your friend will be rewarded.

- D5 Pro
- D5 Grain

Get Involved