System Requirements of D5 Render

D5 Render is a real-time raytracing rendering tool, thus requiring a raytracing-ready GPU and operating system.
Graphics card has a direct impact on real-time smoothness and output time, but not on output quality.
Video memory determines the performance of handling complex scenes.
If you have an NVIDIA graphics card driver higher than 531.14, the Windows Version should be 21H2 or above.


Operating System
Windows 10 v1809 or above
Graphics Card
NVIDIA GTX 1060 6GB or above
AMD Radeon RX 6000 XT or above
Intel Arc A3 or above

Benchmark Tool

You can run the benchmark tool to test the real-time rendering performance and output speed of D5 Render.
Or, you can check the test results of other users to see how D5 runs on different computers.
What's in the tool package
The package includes the benchmark tool and a test scene.
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