Archicad 26 Supported | Streamlined Workflow with D5 Render for Intuitive 3D Rendering

Graphisoft Archicad, one of the most popular and powerful BIM software worldwide, has attracted so many architects with its powerful suite of built-in tools and user-friendly interface. In order to make the most of this modeling program, we see a lot of AC users looking for an equally excellent rendering tool with which they can strike a balance between speed and quality for architectural visualization.
Taking this into account, real-time rendering software D5 Render released a live-sync plugin "D5 Converter-Archicad" to provide architects and designers with a more advanced real-time render workflow, bringing conceptual designs into eye-catching visuals or animations at a faster pace.
With a newly released direct link plugin, D5 Render is now compatible with Archicad 21-Archicad 26.
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Download D5 Render for Archicad

Archicad Live-Sync Plugin | D5 Converter

Many Archicad users are longing for a smooth and effective workflow to get rid of the cumbersome working procedures between Archicad and rendering software. Once the model is edited, all those changes will require a few more hours to be updated in the render project. Well, no worries. That's not the case with Archicad-D5 Render workflow.
"Thanks to D5 Converter-Archicad, which allows me to quickly update the modifications I've done to models, I definitely have more control over adjustment of my projects.
Besides, in Archicad, I tend to create
each section (road, neighborhood, etc.) and delimit the boundaries between them. Each section of the Archicad model can thus be located correctly in D5 with D5's Sync Coordinates feature. That's also convenient to use, and saves me the work to manually adjust tho locations one by one." said Mr Élie, an Archicad user who's quite happy with rendering in D5.
Everything you have set in Archicad, including models, materials, lights and scenes, can be precisely synced into D5 in real time with the free plugin D5 Converter-Archicad. If you make changes to any models or textures, they can also be immediately updated into D5 Render. You can also keep the viewports of Archicad and D5 consistent for a direct preview.

How D5 Render Works with Archicad

D5 Converter-Archicad
Go to D5 Render official website >Download and find the D5 Converter for Archicad.Or you can also go to Welcome Page > Workflow to download.
1. Start D5
Click "Start D5" to launch D5 Render and import the Archicad file including models and materials into D5.

2. Model/Material Sync
You can sync any changes made to Archicad models into D5 by simply clicking on the Sync button.

3. View Sync
When View Sync is on, viewports of Archicad and D5 will stay consistent in the horizontal direction.

4. Send Scenes and Lights
Synchronize the scene list and light types from Archicad to D5 Render with one click.

5. Export Models in .d5a format
Click the Export button to export the Archicad model in .d5a format, bringing all the settings perfectly into D5 Render for easier editing later.

6. Setting
Manage the location of the texture storage in Setting.

Why D5?   A Real-time Rendering Workflow

Real-time Rendering and Stunning Output

D5 Render is a real-time rendering program which means you can preview how the scene will look when it's being edited in the viewport. It saves the time that you would have spent waiting in front of the screen with offline renderers, and speeds up archviz render workflow for Archicad users.
"Workflow is the priority. We prefer 90% quality in 1 hour with D5, than 100% in 3 days with offline renderer. Plus you can totally make up that 10% if you are willing to, since D5 Render the software is not the limitation here."

Exquisite Assets from D5 Built-in Asset Library

You can find thousands of assets including materials, still/animated models and dynamic particles from the constantly updated D5 Asset Library to furnish your scene with just a few clicks.

Reliable Tech Support

Any Archicad users who have questions can contact us on D5 Forum, D5 discord community and D5 Facebook group where we offer professional technical support to help you solve any issue in your Archicad-D5 rendering workflow.


As one of D5 users that use Archicad said, his continent is going under rapid development, so he is always rushing to meet the deadlines. As an architect, he works to create beautiful designs and brings that visualization into reality, so as to make his continent a better place. In his daily archviz workflow, D5 Render has become a productive tool that cannot be replaced. It's time-saving, yet delivers great results.
Artist: Thierry Tutin
Artist: danivalus
Artist: Nuge
Artist: Michal Rabek
Artist: นรินทร์ อิ่นแก้ว
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Download D5 Render for Archicad