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Ahmet Emin Turk
"My workflow gets better with D5 Render!"
Workflow: SketchUp + D5 Render

Behind the Scenes

Ahmet: My Story Shifting to D5 Render

I was using Lumion while working at the companies I used to work for, and unfortunately I was facing problems with price and quality.
I was impressed by the quality of D5 on its first ever release, and it was much more affordable and flexible in pricing than other rendering programs. So I bought D5 Pro shortly after, although I couldn’t use it back then with a 970m graphics card. I didn’t have the budget to upgrade my workstation.
While I was looking for a solution to this, I woke up one day with an idea of renting a computer to work with D5.
I started to create the best works I've ever done on the computer I rented by completing the visual composition/angles, material and light settings in D5 Render, and to my surprise, the output images were in much better quality than my old works.
The first work coming from this rented computer was later selected and published on D5 Gallery. Seeing the fruit of hard work recognized by D5 Official, I was actually feeling a little emotional, and encouraged for creating more amazing renders.
When a project is completed, I like to share with my architect connections on LinkedIn, and I’ve gotten unexpectedly tremendous reactions and feedback that I didn’t get before.
My connections really liked and appreciated my new architectural visualization portfolio with D5, and some even mistook it for Corona Render engine because the rendered images simply looked amazing.
I've witnessed great excitement and curiosity aroused by the visuals created with D5 Render, and my projects were finished with higher quality but in less time. My clients and I were both satisfied with what D5 offered, so after a while I updated my workstation with hardware that supports D5 Render. Now I'm still concertrating on my professional work as an architect, and enjoying the convenience and fun of rendering in D5. With a renewed archviz portfolio, I continue to challenge myself in my career where everyone trusts in my ability and D5's quality more and more.
Thank you D5 Team!

Render Showcase

Living Room
Model By TrongThanh
Render by Architect Ahmet Emin Turk
Design, Model from Archicad by Turhan Architects
Render by Architect Ahmet Emin Turk
Luxury furniture and massage chair shop in Vienna
Interior Design, Modeling
Render by Architect Ahmet Emin Turk

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