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Real-time rendering workflow for SketchUp

Aiming to build a streamlined workflow for SketchUp users, D5 Render provides a free livesync plugin D5 Sync, allowing designers to model and render at the same time.
When the plugin is enabled, you can see how your model will look in real time. Any optimization made on the model can be quickly updated in D5 Render. Thus you have full control over all the stages.
sketchup livesync
sketchup livesync
Livesync between SketchUp and D5 Render

Livesync features

The livesync plugin D5 Sync works with SketchUp versions 2020-2024 and D5 Render 2.5 or later versions. You can sync models, materials, lights and camera views from SketchUp to D5 Render in real time with this plugin.
*D5 Render offers a direct-link plugin for SketchUp 2017-2023 as well.
Click HERE for a detailed feature list of D5 LiveSync for SketchUp

Built-in D5 Asset Library with 13,000+ assets

D5 Render makes visualization a time-and-cost-efficient process with its built-in online Asset Library. It saves you the time looking across the Internet for models/materials you need. Plenty of PBR textures in the library are free to use (See Free 3d textures within easy reach!  to learn more).
What's more, the D5 Asset Library is constantly updated!
Whether you're an architect, landscape or interior designer, you can definitely find what you want in D5 Asset Library.
  • 11,000 models
  • 2,000+ materials
  • Particles
  • Still/animated plants, characters, vehicles, decorations and more.
  • High-quality PBR materials including woods, fabrics, glasses, floors and more.
  • Animated fireworks, water, smoke, leaves and petals.
Of course you can also customize your own library by adding the model/material you like to the Local Asset Library.

Smooth modeling operation in SketchUp with no lagging

When you have many decorative models, plants for example, to add, it might get stuck from time to time in SketchUp because there are too many polygons in the .skp file.
There is where the D5 Asset Library comes in handy. No longer needing to model them in SketchUp, you can add the plants/furniture/characters/... in D5 Render. This underlies a smooth modeling experience for SketchUp users.
sketchup rendering for villa in forest
Artist: Filip Lekawski
sketchup-d5 rendering for villa
Artist: KLOU

Easier Landscape Design for SketchUp

In SketchUp, pinpoint the perfect spots for your plant models and place simple shapes as placeholders. When you sync with D5, a single click replaces those shapes with realistic plants from the D5 Asset Library. Enhance your landscape design with user-friendly tools like Brush, Path, and PCG-driven D5 Scatter. Plus, D5's real-time ray tracing solution instantly brings your plants to life with stunning realism. Design, replace, and visualize with ease and precision!
We're thrilled to introduce D5 Scatter, a PCG (Procedural Content Generation) tool for vegetation scattering, designed to empower landscape architects to effortlessly realize intricate design concepts.
For natural landscapes, you can use D5 Scatter to distribute plants from the D5 Asset Library across the surface of materials/models and adjust their density, proportion, scale, and orientation for various effects.
For structured landscapes, you can divide a surface into multiple sub-areas. Each supports scattering different models and enables independent customization.

Free animation making for SketchUp

Nowadays, animation has been a big hit on the market to attract more and more clients. Luckily, D5 Render offers free animation making feature for 3d designers to follow the trend.
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SketchUp Rendering Showcase

Artist: KLOU
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