Be+maarch: D5, a Game-changer of Streamlined Landscape Visualization Workflow

Be+maarch is an architecture studio based in Bogota/Colombia, focusing on creating animations and visuals for architectural, urban and landscape projects to improve project communication.

Extensive Compatibility for Better Collaboration

The common procedure of Be+maarch revolves around crafting models of urban landscapes and architecture using software like Revit, Rhino, Sketchup, and Blender.

Luckily, the extensive compatibility of D5 empowers this team to collaborate remarkably well. The D5 Sync plugins for these DCC software can directly import models into D5 with no need to convert file formats, thus saving a lot of time.

Livesync between SketchUp and D5 Render

Visualization Made Easy

Visualization in D5 Render is usually handled by one or two team members per project. The most important two sections, material editing and vegetation placement, are made very easy in D5.  

For materials,

Be+maarch usually uses high-quality materials from the D5 Asset Library or imports their own into the local library.

D5 Asset Library currently has 2,000+ materials covering concrete, wood, glass, iron and other commonly used textures, which is a turbo charger for the visualization process.

D5's real-time rendering enables them to see every tweak as it happens, right then and there, thus achieving lifelike details for materials in no time, without the hassle of back-and-forth revisions.

For Vegetation,

Be+maarch takes on projects from all around the world. This makes the diversity of plant species a crucial part of their work.

Fortunately, the asset library has a really wide collection of plant models worldwide. Plus, the quality of plant models is top-tier as well.

In addition, the built-in asset tools such as Brush, Fill and Path provide precise control over large-scale landscape projects with ease.

"This makes it easier for us to express the landscape ideas we have for a project", said Be+maarch.

Speedy Output, Premium Quality

The speed at which the animation renders in D5 has left Be+maarch absolutely amazed, particularly when it comes to landscape projects. Compared to other software, the quickness is simply astonishing. The balance between quality and time is impeccable.

As for still frames, the authenticity of the vegetation is achieved with remarkable speed, giving it a more realistic appearance.

In a word, D5 Render is an all-in-one solution to streamline the workflow for architectural and landscape design. Its extensive compatibility, asset library and fast top-tier output benefit Be+maarch a lot.

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