D5 Animation Challenge: Free Camera Movement Templates for Everyone

Start with a template, render anything. Join to effortlessly master camera movement in rendering.

With our camera movement templates, crafting captivating videos becomes a breeze. Break free from the constraints of video creation tools and let your creativity soar!

How to Participate

  • Choose the specified camera movement templates ( 360° Pan or Dolly Twist In/Dolly Twist Out)  to create an animation. The final animation should be in .mp4 format, with resolution ≥1080P, duration ≤1 minute.


1/17/2024 0:00 (UTC) : Competition kick-off

3/11/2024 24:00 (UTC) : Submission deadline

3/18/2024 - 3/24/2024 : Evaluation period & Prize distribution

3/27/2024 : Winner announcement

*The winners will be announced in the D5 forum.

Prize Pool

  • Best Rendering Award: 60-day D5 Pro licenses to the 5 best renderings.
  • Social Media Award: For entries that meet the entry requirements on TikTok and Instagram, the top 3 entries with the most likes on each platform will be rewarded 30-day D5 Pro licenses.
  • Participation Award: Submit to get a 5-day D5 Pro license.

How to Create Animations in D5


How many entries can each person submit?

Participants can create multiple entries, each of which has a chance to win. However, each D5 user can only receive the 'Participation Award' once.

Can I participate as a team?

Yes, teams are allowed. Copyright and prize distribution issues are to be negotiated within the team.

Is it possible to receive multiple awards?

Yes! You have chance to win Best Rendering Award and Social Media Award at the same time, but can not be stacked with Participation Award.

What are the criteria for evaluating entries in the Animation challenge?

D5 team, along with a panel of experts, will assess the renderings based on various criteria, including Composition and Perspective, Creativity and Originality, Overall Atmosphere, and Visual Storytelling, to determine the best renderings.


  • Submitted works must be original renderings, in compliance with relevant laws and regulations. If you incorporate non-original elements like scenes and models created by others, it's essential to obtain authorization from the original creator.
  • The theme of the submitted works is not limited and can include landscapes, architecture, interiors, products, etc., but the content must be free of illegal or unethical elements.
  • By submitting works, you agree to D5 Awards Terms and Conditions.

Questions? Feel free to contact us at marketing@d5techs.com.