D5 Render at Autodesk University 2023: Unveiling 3D Collaborative Solution with Real-time Rendering

D5 Unveils Real-Time Rendering Technology and Collaborative Solution at AU 2023

D5 Render, an industry-leading architectural visualization software helping AEC professionals design and create photorealistic 3D rendering projects with ease, introduced its latest product innovations at Autodesk University 2023.

The AU2023 conference brought together over 10,000 professionals from diverse fields, including architecture, engineering, construction, product design, manufacturing, media, and entertainment, for three days of ideas, inspiration, education, and networking between November 13 and 15.

D5 introduced its real-time rendering capability during the event to redefine the speed and efficiency of design workflows. The company showed how they use ray tracing rendering technology, which creates cinematic-quality images at fast speeds to achieve this.

Architects and designers experienced firsthand the power of D5's rendering technology in transforming concepts into immersive, photorealistic visualizations. The live demonstrations further helped illustrate how D5's rendering capabilities not only elevate the visual quality of designs but also accelerate project timelines because users are able to quickly iterate through design ideas with real-time previews.

Attendees also saw how D5's rendering technology can be used to collaborate on projects through the unveiling of D5 for Teams. The new solution is designed to enhance teamwork in the design workflow while fostering seamless connections and streamlining the creative process across multidisciplinary teams.

D5 for Teams Highlights:

  • Real-Time Collaboration: Allow multiple team members to contribute simultaneously to various aspects of a project with 'worksets'.

  • Centralized Resources: Use the secure team library to centralize project resources and ensure accessibility in distributed team environments.
  • Team Presets: Get access to curated presets for quick scene ambiance configuration and save time.

  • Efficient Team Management: Assign work by skills or competency and track progress through a team dashboard.

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Many enterprise directors took a keen interest in both D5 Render's real-time rendering capability and D5 for Teams. They claimed that D5 was the best rendering software they had ever seen, and their overall response was overwhelmingly positive.

So, as D5 Render continues to reinvent the standards in architectural visualization, its commitment to efficiency, creativity, and collaboration is becoming increasingly evident, setting a new benchmark in the industry.