Empower Motion Graphics Design: the Infinite Potential of D5

Congratulations to Taylor Lowe who won in the D5 Render 'Share Your Story' event to celebrate 10 amazing versions milestone!

As the founder of Level 13 Design, Taylor is an Emmy Award winning motion graphics designer with 17 years of professional experience. His work has been featured on major network in the US, such as NBC, abc, CBS, and more. He got clients ranging from multiple Grammy Award winning artists, globally broadcast television shows, to Fortune 500 companies.

Realtime Raytracing

  • For Design: Create Amazing Visuals in Real Time

For motion graphics designers, design and visualization often go hand in hand. They need to quickly capture their inspiration and show it in real time, constantly tweaking to find the best effect.

At the same time, they also need to regularly churn out top-notch visuals for communication with clients.

The precise real-time ray tracing rendering of D5 Render provides an efficient solution for both creation and visualization.

"Here is the current state of our industry: Unreal Engine 5 is not stable or artist friendly enough to be a viable tool for projects and the path tracer is slow and unreliable. Redshift produces amazing results but is SLOW. Let me say again SLOOOOOOOW. With a few added features D5 would solve the industries’ render issues and become the ultimate tool in every artist’s pipeline."

Credit: Taylor Lowe | Real-time weather control in D5

Naomi Raine’s Stage Screen on The Stellar Gospel Music Awards

  • For Pitch: Convince Clients with Cost-efficient Solutions

Taylor has been using D5 for nationally/internationally broadcast shows and musician tours. After creating virtual lighting in D5 Render, he will provide the show programmer with control layers of his rendered graphics from D5, so the graphics can be controlled like real LED Edge lights or a set piece all from the lighting console.

This saves clients thousands of dollars by not having to rent as many physical lights, because the virtual lights look photo-real in high resolution LED walls.

Credits: Taylor Lowe, Black Music Honors

The ability to control the virtual lighting fixtures from a lighting console that would already be on-site and in use also saves the clients thousands of dollars by not having to rent an Unreal powered media server and hiring an additional operator to achieve the same result.


Taylor just completed the stage and screen content for a national tour featuring Brandon Lake (Grammy award winning artist) and Phil Wickam (Grammy Nominated artist). Here is a video linked below to take a sneak peek at the stage lighting.

We are beyond happy to see D5's been used across various industries, helping talented artists realize all kinds of creative ideas. If you'd also like to share your stories with us, welcome to contact us at gallery@d5techs.com.