Quixel Bridge to D5 Render workflow for architecture designers

Combine Quixel Bridge with D5 Render for architecture designers to enjoy a time-efficient workflow

Quixel Bridge is a powerful asset management tool designed for 3D artists and designers. With Quixel Bridge, you can easily access a vast library of over 11,000 assets, including photorealistic scans, PBR materials, and 3D models, all of which are carefully curated and optimized for real-time rendering.

A real-time rendering tool, like D5 Render, allows you to make changes to your scene on the fly, which means you can see designs visualized and improved before they are exported.

The integration of D5 with Quixel Bridge provides designers and 3d artists with a powerful toolset to visualize their projects quickly and efficiently.

Still struggle to find high-quality 3d assets within a short design period? You should try the Quixel-D5 Render workflow!

Artist: KJJ | D5 Render

Time-and-energy efficient workflow for designers

Nowadays, architectural, interior or landscape designers have a higher demand for realistic real-time visualizations to make informed decisions about the design and test different options before committing to a final design.

In this process, designers will need tons of materials, models or other assets to complete a scene within a very short time. Luckily, Quixel Bridge, one of the largest 3d asset libraries, simplifies the process of finding, importing, and organizing high-quality 3D assets.

Together with D5 Render, a free real-time rendering tool, Quixel Bridge speeds up the scene building for designers so that they can focus more on their creations. As D5 Render also has a built-in asset library that has over 10,000 models, materials and particles, you will no longer need to rummage through the Internet to collect assets.

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Animation with the dynamic assets in Quixel Bridge and D5 Asset Library

Animation is an essential tool for architectural designers to bring their designs to life and create engaging visualizations. When used together with animated assets, such as people, cars, and plants, it can add an extra layer of realism and immersion to the visualization. The high-quality dynamic assets from Quixel Bridge and D5 Asset Library will take your animations up a notch.

Unlike other real-time rendering software that has a obvious inconsistency between preview and output, the real-time raytracing solution of D5 Render enables designers to have a precise preview of how the animation will look, saving time for review after render.

Seamless integration with Quixel Bridge

D5 Render has a Quixel-D5 conversion tool that allows users to convert Quixel assets (.fbx) into D5 format (.d5a), complete with texture maps.

This tool streamlines the workflow between Quixel and D5 Render, making it easy to import high-quality assets into your visualizations.

Download the Quixel-D5 tool

The converted Quixel assets can then be imported into D5 Render, where users can further customize their materials.

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