Pakk Architekci: D5, The Perfect Blend of Speed&Quality

Setting the Context

Located in the Tri-city area of Gdansk in Poland, amidst the idyllic beaches and bustling metropolis, is Pakk Architekci, a professional architectural visualization studio.

Established in 2010, the studio creates stunning architectural visuals that showcase its expertise in concept development, construction planning, and detailed design for a wide range of building structures worldwide.

Visualization Projects of Pakk Architekci

Yet the studio didn't get to this point without its share of challenges. Chief among these was finding a suitable visualization tool that could cater to their specific demands: quick output, improved photorealistic visuals, and communication efficiency.

The Quest for the Perfect Tool: Speed&Quality

Initially, the studio was using V-Ray, but achieving the desired visual impact through V-Ray was time-consuming. So, they switched to Lumion for faster results but faced challenges with photorealism and long rendering times, especially for large scenes.

To solve this problem, the studio started scouring the market for a solution that could seamlessly integrate into their workflow and deliver top-notch results to their clients quickly and efficiently.

They sought a tool that not only met their visualization requirements but also offered the versatility to adapt to the diverse array of projects they undertook. This search eventually led them to D5 Render, which was a complete game-changer.

D5 Render: the game-changer

D5 combined the best of V-Ray and Lumion into one powerful tool to create visually stunning renders with ease. The key advantage of the platform lay in its real-time rendering capability, which allowed the studio to instantly visualize final visuals without the need to wait for rendering results and engage in continuous parameter adjustments.

This breakthrough in real-time rendering ensured quality and significantly enhanced speed in the design process.

Real-time Weather Adjustment

Bluszczanska App Building | Pakk Architekci, HRA Architekci studio

Bluszczańska was designed by HRA Architekci studio from Warsaw, Poland. It is now another part of the emerging apartment building complex on Bluszczanska Street in Warsaw for developer SGI.

Likewise, the extensive library of ready-made assets—boasting both quantity and exceptional quality—combined with the intuitive design and speed of the platform made it clear to the studio that they had found the perfect visualization tool.

One-Click Decor with Interior Parallax from D5 Asset Library

HafenCity, Hamburg | Pakk Architekci, AD-Studio

HafenCity Hamburg is made by AD-Studio from Warsaw, Poland. This is a conceptual design for a vacant lot in the HafenCity area of Hamburg.

The photorealistic effects produced with D5 Render were also far superior to what could be done using Lumion. And even more impressive was the performance. The studio rendered high-resolution images at 5000 pixels in just around 6 minutes on their RTX 4090 24GB, even while processing multiple channels with D5.

Ryiadh mixed-use complex | Pakk Architekci, AD-Studio

The seamless integration of SketchUp and D5 also meant that the studio could use it as a core tool, saving them countless hours of effort in ensuring that the rendered results matched their design intent.

Learn more about SketchUp-D5 workflow

Livesync between SketchUp and D5 Render

Behind the Scenes: Communication with Clients

A typical design process at the studio starts with them collecting materials and inspiration from their clients, understanding their vision, and immersing themselves in client ideas.

Then, they set about familiarizing themselves with the location and surroundings with photos and tools like Google Street View. This is because in order to make decisions about weather settings, asset selection, and other aspects of scene-building that would breathe life into the project, the studio had to absorb the essence of the place.

Only when they had a clear picture of what they wanted to achieve would they begin visualizing the design.

The whole process was iterative and involved multiple revisions based on client feedback before they could start introducing details for the final render. And D5 Render was a constant throughout this process.

It played a pivotal role in enhancing communication with clients. Its lightning-fast rendering capabilities accelerated the revision process, enabling swift adjustments and real-time feedback implementation.

Make Changes with One Click

Bluszczanska App Building | Pakk Architekci, HRA Architekci studio

The studio was, thus, able to enjoy the best of both worlds: fast, high-quality rendering at a competitive price with D5 Render.

The Road Ahead

D5 Render continues to evolve, with new features and improvements being designed to address user requests. In fact, the studio commented on how excited they were to use the optimized grass material and new interior parallax models, which were both realized in D5's 2.5 update.

So, D5 will keep working on more new features to ensure designers and visualizers enjoy an even better 3D creation experience.

Last but not least, a special thanks to Pakk Architekci and our other amazing users who inspire the D5 team to keep moving forward!

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