Archviz project review Vol.01 | How to render shopping mall

In this article, we want to illustrate with a real case how to do archviz for a shopping mall with D5 Render step by step, from the overall lighting effect to decorative details.
Thanks to the user who has given us permission to use his work for demonstration. We will roll out more articles like this in the future. Hope you can enjoy the tour of learning D5 Render.
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Where can it be optimized
1. The texture of the road looks repetitive, so its UV needs to be stretched according to the view of camera.  
2. The lawn could be filled with some better vegetation to look more harmonious.
3. The plant combo looks a bit messy.
4. Interior decorations could be added into the building to make it more attractive.
5. There are too many vehicles on the road.
How to optimize
1. Adjust the camera settings to emulate human sight. Change the Field of View angle to 85°. Then clear all the settings.
2. To approximate the human sight, you can use HDRI to adjust the direction and intensity of sunlight. Now the contrast between light and dark will give the image a more layered look.
3. Adding grass models to this lawn with the Brush tool.
4. Adjust the UV of road material and add some decals like water stain and tire marks, making it more realistic.
5. Increase the Roughness of metal objects. Then turn on "Round Corner" to create rounded edges that look softer in the scene.
6. Add some shrubs and broadleaf trees around the buildings. You can pull the brightness of plant textures higher so they will look more vibrant.
Use the Brush tool to place trees with a low canopy far away.
One or two trees close to the camera will highlight the building in this image.
7. To avoid looking dark and dull, remember to add some warm lights and characters into the building.
8. Turn on Fog in the Weather system. Adjust Falloff and Start Distance properly to achieve the effect you need. This is a widely used tip to enhance the sense of depth for an image.
9. Remove some vehicles and add along the street more decorative models from the D5 Asset Library such as the street lights and road signs.
10. Make post-processing in the Effect panel to create the vibe you want.
Now the scene looks neat and tidy.
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