Using Blender for Archviz? Work more smoothly with Blender-D5 Workflow

Blender is an open-source and popular multi-purpose 3D Graphics tool. It is also a powerful tool in the field of architecture visualization as it provides an easy and fast way for conceptual studies, modeling, and visualization. However, as an all-purpose 3D tool, Blender is not always perfect for architecture visualization.
To achieve the widely-used effects in archviz like snow/rain/clouds, large-scale vegetation or animated vehicles, designers need multiple add-ons to work better with Blender. Yet they can all be found in D5 Render. This real-time rendering tool is here to provide an ideal solution for the Blender archviz workflow.
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Introducing the Blender-D5 workflow with livesync plugin D5 Converter

D5 Converter is a direct-link plugin that can sync models and lights directly from Blender to D5 Render. You can also use it to bake textures with ease and pleasure. D5 Converter-Blender enables you to see the project visualized instantly in D5 while you can model in Blender simultaneously.
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The D5 Converter-Blender consists of three parts: D5 Export, D5 Link and D5 Material Bake.
For detailed info, please click here to read the full guide.

Build a realistic block with Blender-D5 real-time rendering workflow

To help you better understand how D5 Render can help you work more efficiently, here we prepare a guide on how to make a realistic block with Blender-D5 real-time rendering workflow.
*We referred to the Red Hole located in Seoul, South Korea to create the model.

1. Send your Blender project to D5 Render

First things first, check your Blender model and sync the models, lights and baked materials to D5 Render. Subsequent changes made in Blender can also be updated quickly in D5.
To sync models made with curve nodes, you have to convert curve-node models to mesh-node models in Blender in advance.

2. Create an atmospheric environment

Here we want a grayish after-rain atmosphere for the street.
The sky needs to be a bit gray, so you can use the built-in cloudy HDRI or import your own to demonstrate the vibe. Don't forget to adjust the light intensity a bit down.  
It's very easy to create puddles on the road in D5. Just go to Environment > Weather. Turn on Precipitation and adjust the rain Strength to 0. Now the puddles appear.
If you need other weather like fog, snow or clouds, just go to D5 Weather system and you won't be disappointed.

3. Edit materials with ease

Material editing is quite simple in D5 Render.  Without complex texture nodes, you just need to drag the texture slider and see how the material is changed in real time. Take this handrail for example.
To make it have a brownish-red metal look, first choose a metal material from the built-in D5 Asset Library. Change its color to a dark red tone and adjust "Roughness" and "Metallic" as you like. Turn on Round Corner to create a soft edge. Now the handrail looks realistic and delicate.
Other materials can be edited in this way as well. D5 Asset Library has over 2,000 high-quality materials. Drag and drop them into your scene. With a few adjustments to the parameters like UV, Normal, and Roughness, you will have a realistic effect.

4. Enrich the scene with more assets

Now you can add more details to make the scene rich and lively. With D5 Render, you will no longer need to search for decoration models across the Internet. The built-in D5 Asset Library has over 8,000 still/animated models and particles from interior accessories to plants, characters and vehicles.
Here you can add some bushes and flowering trees on the lawn. Then add other ornaments like animated characters and interior parallexes to make the scene more realistic.

5. Quickly render a gorgeous animation

Finally comes the last step, render. Set the first and last camera shots on the timeline, and design a path for camera movement. You are all set to render animations as you like.
Of course, you can also output superb images with D5 Render in a very short time.
You have gone through the whole process of working with Blender - D5 Render! Have a try on your own, and unleash your creativity!
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