How to choose an ideal power supply for D5 Render

The first thing that comes to our mind when talking about upgrading computer components is usually CPU, GPU, RAM or drive. Of course, they play a key role in helping a computer have outstanding performance. But we should not ignore the importance of PSU (Power supply unit), which controls power supply for the whole machine.

If we compare CPU to the brain, PSU will be the heart, without which the body cannot work. In this article, we are going to show you how to choose a suitable power supply to make sure D5 Render and other professional industrial software can keep working in a stable and sustained way.
How many Watts does the power supply need?
At about 50% load, the power conversion rate reaches the highest, that is, the optimal utilization rate of power supply. We have a formula to calculate the Watts a computer needs:
Recommended (minimum) = (CPU+GPU)/0.5+50W (power consumption of other computer hardware)
For example, when you want to build a PC with the newest Nvidia RTX 4090 graphics card, first you need to check the Founders Edition (FE) from Nvidia which is rated at 450W. Thus, Nvidia recommends a power supply of at least 850W. However, it may not be enough if you have an Intel i9 12900K which has 125W base TDP rating.

According to the above formula, you should use a power supply of
(125+450)/0.5+50 = 1200 Watts
The result of our test shows the new 4090 GPU works pretty well with 1200W PSU. Even after overclocking, the performance is still stable and strong:
Here is a table for you to quickly figure out how much power your PC needs:
Power Supply Efficiency
In order to reduce the energy loss, we need to take care when selecting the wire of power supply. You can see categories of wires such as 80PLUS bronze medals, 80PLUS gold medals, and so on, which represent the standard of power conversion rate. Generally, the power supply with the certification of 80PLUS Bronze or above can be selected.

The higher the grade, the higher the conversion efficiency, and the less wasted power. However, it is not positively related to the overall quality of the power supply. Generally speaking, most of the power supplies above the gold medal are of good quality.

Advantages of high conversion rate:
1. Low heat generation and silent power supply.
2. Power saving.
Image courtesy: velocitymicro
What's more
Since power supply is an important component, we recommended you to purchase it from a reputable manufacturer such as Seasonic, Corsair, Super Flower, Antec, DELTA and Great Wall. A PSU with poor quality may cause the computer to reboot, and its high temperature may reduce the life of other components.

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