D5 Render 2022 Wrap-Up | For a better real-time rendering and 3d creation experience

What a year! As 2021 is coming to a close, let's take the time to go through what we have done together this year with D5 Render.

Making D5 Render Better

D5 Render Version Updates

7 Workflow New Releases

There have been multiple D5 Converter releases for a better and streamlined workflow, including SketchUp, 3ds Max, Rhino, Revit, Archicad, C4D and Blender. Live sync is supported for all these DCC integrations, and more advanced features are under development.

3187 New D5 Assets

  • Character
  • Vegetation
  • Others
  • Materials
  • Particles
  • 930
  • 828
  • 493
  • 590
  • 54
Interior parallax, decals, landscape asset collection, holiday accessories, basic shape models and many other new assets released this year have been well-received.
Thanks to everyone that has left a comment on D5 Forum or shared a thought with us, your feedback is what kept D5 Team going.

All the updates we presented to you couldn't have been possible without your help and support. Let's wait for the coming version
2.4 and see what we made possible this time.

Bringing D5 Render to More

We believe in the power of creation, and wish to make D5 a more accessible creation tool for anyone. That's why we launched the D5 Educational License to provide all features and assets for students and professors.
Intuitive as D5 Render is, we are still working on creating an effortless way for new users to get started with 30+ official tutuorials.
That being said, D5 Team always welcomes contents and tutorials from the Community, which gave rise to the D5 Ambassador Program. We are striving to bring D5 to more designers, architects and CG artists. If that makes the two of us, see if you're interested in the Ambassador Program.

Creating with D5 Render

2022.2 - 2022.6 D5 Render Challenge II:Distance
"The world is your oyster." Create a dimension of your own and make it your getaway.
2022.10 - 2022.11  #renderedwithd5 - Halloween event
2022.11 - 2023.1 D5 Render Community Challenge - Blender Special
This community challenge is still open for entry, so if you're a Blender user, try our livesync Blender-D5 workflow. You could win a $1500 worth of Intel Processor and more!
It lifts our spirits everytime we see you create and tell your stories through rendering. In 2023, let's keep on capturing the creative spark with D5 Render.💜

A list of some milestones achieved in 2022:

  • 2022.8
  • 2022.9
  • 2022.9
  • 2022.10
  • Intel x D5  at SIGGRAPH 2022
  • AMD x D5  at Lenovo RevLive Workstation Sales Conference
  • SketchUp x D5 at 2022 3D Basecamp
  • G2 Winter 2023 Badges
G2 Winter 2023 Badges
Intel x D5
AMD x D5
SketchUp x D5
In this year, we also witnessed 200+ Scene Express rendering scenes, the very first Quixel Bridge plugin developed by a user of ours, and hundreds of thousands of rendering works.
Scene Express and re-creation works
Renders made with Quixel
Blessed with all these amazing moments, we can't wait to see what else is in store for us in 2023. Thanks again to each and every D5 user! Share with us your milestones of the year and whatever you want to say to D5 Team on D5 Forum.