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Green Kitchen Render |Artist: atmosvisualization
Free scene download
A taste of summer |Artist: LD
Interior space |Artist: Bambang S
Kitchen, Living room |Artist: ahmeteminturk


1. Why I can't export Channels with Material ID?

For this version, there appear some technical issues which caused disappearance of material ID channels when the Outline mode is turned on.
Therefore, to export material ID channel, please turn off Outline mode.
If outline mode rendering and material ID channels export are needed at the same time, you may need to render twice.
💡This problem will be fixed in a later version.

2. Why is rendering taking longer time?

Something could have gone wrong with your graphics card

You can download our Benchmark tool and run a test to see if your rendering is taking longer time than those generated from PC with similar hardware as yours.

VRAM/RAM aren't sufficient to run D5 Render

D5's stability will be affected when there is little space in RAM and VRAM.

Other possible causes for slowing down of rendering in D5 2.3

/ Too many emissive materials.
Image rendering time will increase by around 10% if your scene is heavy on emissive materials, because it calculates one extra ray for emissive materials to achieve higher precision.
/ Large area of grass material.
If your scene has a large scale of grass materials, rendering with D5 2.3 will be a bit slower to ensure the quality of grass material.
💡This will be fixed in the version released next week, restoring the previous rendering speed.


D5 Asset Library

New Release: 900+ new assets in D5 2.3: Landscape Assets, Crops, 3D Asian Characters, Interior Parallax and more
Learn more on D5 Forum

New Asian characters

We have added some 3d-scanned Asian character models into D5 Asset Library. Click here to tell us what you think about them and what suggestions you have for people models.

D5 Converter - 3ds Max: Export groups in 3ds Max into D5

Keep Group Hierarchy, is added to D5 Converter - 3ds Max, which means you can group everything in Max and export those groups directly to D5.
With this new feature, you can:


Intel x D5 at SIGGRAPH 2022

*SIGGRAPH (Special Interest Group on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques) is an annual conference on computer graphics (CG), is the largest and most influential conference in the field of computer graphics and computer software & hardware development.
Intel booth
At the SIGGRAPH 2022 conference taking place on August 8-11, Intel was showcasing its just announced Intel® Arc™ Pro Graphics Workstation GPUs running SketchUp with D5 Render to seamlessly provide beautifully rendered architectural visualization and interior design images with hardware accelerated ray tracing and hardware assisted AI (XeSS).
Ray Tracing with D5 on Intel® Arc™ Pro Graphics  (Clips from YouTube: Linus Tech Tips)

D5 Spotlight

D5 Spotlight is a program where D5 reaches out to its users for great D5 renderings and user showcases. With this program, D5 Team and D5 users join forces to make more content about D5 Render, and spread the good works to a wider audience.
What you will get:
Learn more about D5 Spotlight
Other ways to win D5 Pro:
We are now holding various events for D5 users to win D5 Pro, so why not try your luck!
How to join D5 Pro