D5 Widget | Tap into Infinite Imagination of 3D Storytelling

D5 Widget is a customized extension module of D5 Render, aiming to provide advanced features while keeping the simplicity.

Simplicity and Professionalism. What’s your choice?

Replacing complex rendering tricks with common sense and intuition, and keeping the logic and interface as simple as possible, are what D5 insists on in the technical development and product design. D5 is facing various needs from different verticals, so what should we do to avoid turning D5 Render into monstrous, bloated software stacked with features or parameters, and instead focus on both simplicity and professionalism? D5 Widget is the answer.
D5 Render stays lightweight and user-friendly, catering to the common needs of 3D storytelling. Specific needs of different scenes and industries can be met with the customizable extension of D5 Widget.

Gentle Learning Curve

With D5 Widget, D5 is enabled to help you start from the simplest workflows and give you an insight into lighting, materials and views in the most intuitive and elegant way. Master 3D storytelling basics, and go on extending the features for your own vertical with D5 Widget. A gentle learning curve where you can start from a streamlined workflow and create with ease. Learning to use the tool is no longer a burden.

Neat and Elegant On/Off Switch

One-click on/off: go to Menu > Preference > Widget
The main interface will then automatically add/remove the Widget feature. Instead of complicated steps of installing, with D5, all you need is to click and add the widget into your interface.
Everyone gets his/her own Customized D5 Interface.
In the future, D5 will support widgets designed and uploaded by users for all to share and enrich D5.