What's D5 Widget

D5 Widgets are some handy little tools built into D5 Render. You can find goodies like the section tool, advanced camera tool, projector, more video frame rates, and so much more in the toolkit, making rendering even simpler.
You can switch on D5 Widgets in Menu > Preference.

Section Tool

The section tool allows you to create a cross-sectional view of your model. This is particularly useful when you want to show the interior details of a complex structure, such as a building or a machine.
You can find both section plane and section cube in D5 and fill the cut surface with your favorite color.
A section plane can automatically snap and align itself to the face you've selected, whether it's flat or curved, and adjusts according to the normal direction. No more hassle of manual rotation!

Advanced Camera Tool

Advanced camera tool enables a picture-in-picture window with custom aspect ratio. So, you don't need to navigate back and forth when visualizing a scene.
*Every camera you craft is listed in the object list. You can easily find them with the camera filter.
What's more exciting is that you can create vertical videos for various social platforms in D5. Attractive and convincing animation is made easy-breezy.

Merge Projects

With this widget feature enabled, you and your colleague can work on the different parts of the same visualization project separately and them combine them into a complete one. This could greatly speed up your teamwork.

Advanced Image/Video Rendering

After turning it on, you can find more output formats for image or video rendering.
Frame sequence rendering will also be enabled for video output.

Frame Rate

More frame rate options are supported to bring better visual experience and more freedom in editing. You can choose from 24, 25, 30, 60, or 120 FPS for output in video rendering settings.

D5 SR Image Rendering

D5 SR (D5 Super Resolution), D5's self-developed super-resolution algorithm, is based on neural network super-resolution image generation algorithm and combined with multi-channel rendering feature maps. It significantly speeds up image rendering.

Stage Light and Projector

Once the widgets of stage light and projector are turned on, you can effortlessly create dynamic lighting effects for the stage.
With these handy tools, you can speed up 3D visualization and make rendering a breeze. Download D5 Render now and give them a try!
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