How to Apply for D5 Render Educational Licence

A complete and detailed guide of D5 for Edu license application
D5 Render for Education
D5 for Education is now open for application.
For students and educators who major in architecture, design, landscape, and 3d animation, you can now enjoy a free access to the full features and assets of D5 Render for educational and research purposes.
For educational institutions, we offer group application for simple batch installation. Please contact us at for more info.
- What materials are needed to apply: student/teacher ID card and proof
- How long it takes to review: about 7-14 workdays
- How long the license is valid: each time 180 days

1 | How to Apply

1. Download and Start D5 Render
Please first download and install D5 Render from the official site. Start D5 and navigate to the login window.
2. Log in
Log into your D5 account, ensuring that it is in Community  status. Click the 'Get D5 for Education' button to start the application process.
*Please register a D5 account before applying for the Edu license. The 'Community' tag means you're using the free version of D5 Render.
3. Bind the Device
Please make sure you're binding the account to the right device, since the device couldn't be changed after the license becomes active.
4. Fill in the basic information
- Name of academic institution: please enter the full official name of your school with no abbreviation.
- Expected graduation date/Document expiry date: please enter your expected graduation date/document expiry date.
‍- Your name: please enter your full legal name.
5. Upload documentations
Please upload the front and back of your student/teacher ID card and a proof issued by your school. Images should be in .jpg or .png format.
6. Fill in the additional information
The teacher's information filled in here will be used to verify the authenticity of the student information, so please fill in truthfully.
7. Read the caveats
Please read the notices carefully and tick to agree.
8. Submit your application
Our team will review your application within 7 work days and send a notification to your email address.

2 | Q&As

1. What's the difference between D5 for Edu and D5 Pro?
With a D5 for Education account, you can use all the D5 Pro features and assets.
2. Can my PC run D5 Render?
D5 Render requires raytracing-ready hardware. Your PC will go through a hardware test when first running D5.
The minimum system requirements:
- Operating System: Windows 10 v1809
- Graphics Card: NVIDIA GTX 1060 6GB/AMD Radeon RX 6000 XT/Intel Arc A3
Check detailed system requirements
3. Why was my application declined?
Please check if there exists incomplete verification info/incorrect identity info/inconsistent identity info.
4. Why did I not receive the signup verification/application notice email?
These emails are automatically sent by the system. Please check if they are in your spam box.
5. You can't apply for D5 for Edu if your account is D5 Pro.
Please note that only a D5 Community account can apply for D5 Educational License. To check whether your account is D5 Pro (subscribed or gifted), please visit MySpace > Subscription.