Free Educational Licence for D5 Render! | How to apply

We are happy to announce that educational license is now open for application. For school faculty and students who major in architecture, design, landscape and 3d animation at a government-accredited educational institution, they can now enjoy a one-year free access to the full features and assets of D5 Render for educational and research purposes. The license contains everything that is exclusive to Pro subscribers.
To apply for an educational license and learn more about it, click the link below:
D5 Educational License | D5 Render
We will give you a step-by-step introduction on how to apply:

1. Deciding the way you apply

If you are a teacher/professor/educator:
Apply for yourself:

Simply fill out Form 1
. Remember to complete all the items on the form and send it to us through your institution e-mail address in PDF format.
Apply for your students:

1. The educator should fill in Form 1, and ask each of the students who needs an Edu license to fill out Form 2;
2. Put all the forms together in one document and send it to us in PDF format.

*If you also need a license for yourself, just tick the corresponding box in Form 1.
**The application MUST be submitted through the educator’s institution
e-mail address.
If you are a student:
Please turn to professors in your institution and ask one of them to be your contact. Then, you should follow the steps stated in “a teacher/professor/educator”-“Apply for your students”.

2. Downloading application forms

Go to D5 Edu License page and click on the “application form” button:
You will get a document file named “D5 Educational License Application Forms” containing two kinds of forms. Form 1 is for school faculty, and Form 2 is for students.

3. Filling out the forms

3.1 What should I write in each item?

To help you get started, here is an example of Form 2, and an  explanation for each item in the form:

3.2 How to Find My GPU Specs?

Please provide specifications of your GPU on this item.
If you have trouble finding your Graphics card specs, see here:
Method 1
Right click on “This Computer” icon, select “Properties”;
Select “Device Manager”
Expand the “Display Adapter” entry.
Sometimes multiple adapters appear in this entry. You may have integrated GPUs, Discrete GPUs, or even virtual GPUs at the same time. If you are not sure which one is active, just note all of them down in the form.
Method 2
Find a blank space on your computer’s desktop and right click. Click on “Display settings” in the menu.
Find “Advanced Display Settings”
You can find Your GPU spec here.
Notice: Interfaces may vary by the version of system.

4. Submitting

4.1 Merging and saving your forms

No matter how you apply, your final document for submission should be one single PDF file containing all the forms you have, like the template you’ve downloaded from D5 website.
Collect all the forms you have filled out and merge them into one document, and remember to put Form 2's after Form 1 if you used Form 1 in your application. Then, export the file as a PDF file.(Very Important)

4.2 Submitting your application

Save your form as PDF after you finish filling it. Then rename it as: Application form for D5 Educational License-[Name of your school and college]-[Your name]. Then send the document that contains all the forms to (Title: D5 Edu Application).
Please note that you should let your teacher send the application through your teacher's e-mail address.

5. Accessing D5 Edu License

Now you have successfully completed your application for D5 Educational license! After we receive your mail, our staff will contact you and inform you of your application results within 7 workdays. Thank you for choosing D5 Render.
If your application is approved, please log into D5 with your educational account (the email address we distributed D5 Edu License to), and complete binding within 14 days. If the binding process is not completed within this time, your account will be reverted to Community version. To access D5 Edu License, you'll then have to apply again.


Each license can only be bound to one device after being activated.
Please do not share your educational license. Sharing it with others may lead to a permanent revocation of your license.