Meet the Winners | D5 Render Challenge II, A Global Rendering Contest

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4 months ago, D5 Render announced its second global contest D5 Render Challenge II and was later open for submissions.
With the aim to free the people from lockdown and other limitations, D5 held this contest to serve as a tool for its users' imagination and creative ideas. It also offers prize pool of over 19,000 USD including
cash prize and D5 Pro license to the winners to reward their efforts and amazing performance.
Up till now, there have been
hundreds of entries from all around the world. The artists expressed their feelings, shared their stories, and visualized their thoughts through rendering in D5.
Now let's take a look at some of the winning works.

Grand Prize

State of Mind by Showing Inspiration(click for more info)
Quixel + 3ds Max + D5 Render + AE
" Inspired by the lines from a poem:"great virtues are like a mountain that everyone looks up to. Though we can’t possibly achieve that level, it’s worth a try to attempt." I think that would be an ideal state of mind. D5 has enabled us to get to wherever we want to, and you can find beauty or your dreams right inside this software, or in your heart. "

1st Place

Zero Island by JJJ(click for more info)
Bridge + SketchUp + 3ds Max + Blender + D5 Render + DaVinci Resolve
“Everone is an island, floating on the water or hidden in the woods. Whether you see it or not, your islands will be there with your thoughts and life. Creating this was to get close to my virtual fantasy as much as possible. From far away to zero distance, so this island is named ‘Zero Island’."
From gray to color by Michal(click for more info)
Sketchfab + 3ds Max + D5 Render + Shotcut
“ I wanted to use D5 Render to create an animation unlike my usual day-to-day archviz, explore something unreal and full of contrast. A proof, at least in some degree, that imagination is the only limit. ”

2nd Place

Journey of my Heart by Dachui(click for more info)
“ While restricted physically, our heart can fly out anywhere. With this scene, I’d like to spread the calmness to every one of you. "
Journey of my Heart by Dachui(click for more info)
“ It’s a haven of peace, a space far from everything, far from the city, from everyday life, from noise and pollution. Breathe pure air in a breathtaking landscape. Inspired by the illustration of Cruschiform. "
The Hurva Synagogue, An unfinished space by ANON(click for more info)
“ In 1974, the well-known architect Louis Isadore Kahn died of heart attack, leaving Hurva Synagogue an unfinished work of his. I tried to visualize this masterpiece with the sketches of Louis, letting the lights of render technology shine on the old site. Hopefully this unbuilt architecture can come back to life. "
La marsa dream rest house by Anas(click for more info)
“ Inspired by a restaurant in La marsa town, I took the facade and did some tweaks to the design and make it as a rest house on la marasa beach because I always wanted to have a rest house over there plus I love the Tunisian architectural aesthetics.”
From Failure to Success by kokol(click for more info)
“ The longest distance I can think of is the one between failure and success. It is the courage you gather after every failed attempt that pushed you forward, and that would be the only thing you need to get from losing to making it."

2nd Place

Relationships by SilverColoredLens(click for more info)
" There comes a time, when we're lucky enough to have found our significant other, with whom we try to settle down and build a home. The journey together may be sweet at first, yet we all know that rocky and gloomy days will follow. As in life, the only constant is change and these cloudy days too shall pass - the hope for reunification is in sight. This video aspires to recreate that story and emotion. "
Dream, Sanxingdui, Future by 8 studio(click for more info)
" We designed four scenes - villages in the city, abandoned warehouses, sunset Mars and misty forest - based on the storyline we made up. The work is intended to express the distance between ancient civilization and modern civilization thousands of years ago. "
Way Back Home by Jun Mo Xiao(click for more info)
“ I created this scene to tell my story of Distance during covid times. The video covers the process of my journy back home. ”
Pluto Stratum by Michael Powell(click for more info)
“ The project was developed at university - I always wanted to bring it to life through animation - D5 gave me the possibility to achieve this.
Its narrative explores a world where inequality has been stretched to the breaking point - it is intended to draw parallels to current global circumstances."
TOWARDS AN AMAZING RESIDENCE by Yoga Binhar(click for more info)
“ Inspiration is IH Residence by senior architect Andramatin from Archdaily. I was so fascinated that I wanted to visualize the architcture it in D5 Render. ”
There are more amazing renderings for you to discover, see all finalists and all valid entries here.

D5 Team:

"Thank you to all the participants, jury, voters, staff and anyone witnessing this contest for being part of D5 Render Challenge II. It’s an honor to hear your stories and see how you interpret Distance. We appreciate your efforts, encouragement and contributions. D5 applauds every entry for this contest, and looks forward to seeing more in the coming days.Keep rendering and we’ll see you next time!"\