NVIDIA RTX 4090 4K Review running D5 Render: Ultra-efficient Real-time Rendering, Archviz, 3D Animation

Table of Contents:
D5 Benchmark
Hands-on testing&statistics
The ultimate GeForce GPU, RTX 4090 is finally here!

The long-awaited graphics card is said to bring an enormous leap in performance, efficiency, AI-powered graphics. It's powered by the NVIDIA Ada Lovelace architecture, featuring 16,384 CUDA cores, running 24 GB of G6X video memory on a 384-bit bus. With more extensive raytracing features, upgraded Tensor cores and DLSS 3.0, 4090 should be capable of running real-time rendering software D5 Render to provide the fastest and smoothest possible real-time rendering experience at an amazing frame rate.

Will it show it show generational boost to double the performance compared to the preceding RTX 30 Series as rumored? Is it worthwhile to buy it for productive work? Find out in this article. Tests will be done on 4K monitor with architecture, interior and gaming render scenes.

Testing specs:
Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 24 GB
Graphics card driver: 522.25
CPU: 12th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i9-12900KF
RAM: 64 GB
Free Download D5 Render
D5 Benchmark
We will be using D5 Render Benchmark Tool.

By running this tool, which automatically starts testing on the same scene, you'll see how well your computer performs when it comes to real-time operating and rendering output in D5 Render.

We'll compare the performance of RTX4090 to 3090 on this same D5 scene with 6 million faces, 12 light sources and 299 maps.
D5 Render Benchmark Tool
It took 3090 3 minutes 44 seconds to finish the rendering test while 4090 made it in 1 minute 45 seconds.

For a 2k resolution image, 3090 renders in 33 seconds, and 4090 19 seconds.
For a 5-second-long animation, 3090 renders in 3 minutes 11 seconds, and 4090 1 minute 26 seconds.

All these test results can be found here. As you can see, 3060 here still shows great capacity with a total time of 3 minute 23 second to render an animation 5 seconds long.
Hands-on testing on 3 different scenes
For 3d rendering professionals and enthusiasts, we have got 3 more scenes to put you in the know about how good 4090 can be for you.
CG Gaming
On the left, we have an average FPS of 22 in this CG gaming scene coming from 3090, and 4090 almost doubles the number, offering us an FPS at 57.
This is actually a complex scene heavy on .abc files, and let's take a look at the animation preview. 3090 real-time FPS 8.54090 real-time FPS 12, which means a 41% uplift.
Interior pub
Now this is crazy. FPS 40 for 3090, and a whopping 60 for 4090! The maximum FPS in D5 is now set at 60, so it's possible that what we saw is not yet the best possible performance.
Nvidia 4090 test on D5 Render with Interior pub
Aerial view architecture
Finally we have this aerial view rendering for a fairly large architecture project. You can see that 3090 does the work! Feel free to zoom in, and don't worry, lagging is not expected here. At the same time, 4090 continued to surprise us in this architectural visualization scene with an average FPS at 34. How smooth is that?
Nvidia 4090 test for D5 Render with aerial view architecture
Real-time rendering
We've tested several features and commands inside D5 Render on the scenes, and it turned out that the beastly 4090 is extremely competitive in working with D5. By using D5's built-in path/scatter/brush tools to quickly place multiple car/people/vegetation assets, which is normally resource-intensive, we can still expect a smooth and efficient rendering experience with a relatively high frame rate.
Output speed
output speed of D5 Render with Nvidia 4090
For this review, tests are done using D5 Render version 2.3. While the results are already looking amazing, there's still room for improvement. Rendering with the coming D5 2.4 would be another story. Stay tuned.
Comparing the raw performance of the star 4090 with 3090, we saw a 100% uplift in both real-time FPS and rendering speed. The former proves to be a stronger performer judging from the synthetic benchmarks and real-world performance.
It's safe to conclude now that RTX4090 is a beast of card for 3d rendering professionals. It can handle production-level archviz rendering twice as fast as 3090 while maintaining an FPS high enough to guarantee a smooth real-time rendering experience.
Its futuristic features should work especially well with D5 in shortening render time drastically, handling extremely huge/complex scenes and offering an incredibly smooth real-time experience.
Is 4090 worth the money? Whether you have an answer right now or not, what we can advise is that, apart from a hardware upgrade, switching to a better, easier, more affordable software like D5 will also be a boost to your efficiency. Despite its amazing performance with 4090, this software is not limited to high-end cards only, and runs on GeForce GTX 1060 6GB and above. (More on D5 Render minimum requirements) It's also coming to a wider range of graphics cards in the near future, bringing next-generation rendering workflow to more architects, designers, and 3d artists.