D5 Render 2.6 with built-in AI Capabilities, UV Randomizer and 36 More Innovative Features

D5 Render 2.6 updates include AI Atmosphere Match, AI-generated Material Texture Maps, UV Randomizer, Camera Path Editing and more.

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D5 Render 2.6 has just been released with 38 new features and improvements like AI Atmosphere Match, AI-generated Material Texture Maps, UV Randomizer, Multimedia Material Transparency, and the intuitive Camera Path Editor.

To bring you better 3D design experience, we launched livesync for 3ds Max this time. The D5 LiveSync plugin for SketchUp has also been updated with support for grouped import. Stay tuned, as we're working on livesync for other workflows as well.

D5 Asset Library got 267 fresh items including new HDRIs, characters, plane fog models, and a curated selection of futuristic assets.

Get ready to dive into the new version with us!

Multimedia Material Transparency

The Video material has evolved into 'Multimedia Material,' now with the power to handle both videos and images. The newly added 'Transparency' option gives you precise control over an ideal translucent look, using either global matte that alters the overall transparency or pixel-brightness-based Luma Matte for a subtle transition where the darker sections merge seamlessly. This is particularly useful when designing semi-transparent LED displays or 3D holographic images.

UV Randomizer

Topping the long-awaited feature list is UV Randomizer, which can create natural and realistic materials for grounds and water surfaces. We've made it happen in D5 2.6. Just switch this option on and watch your textures vary seamlessly, getting rid of repetitive patterns once and for all.

D5 LiveSync for 3ds Max beta & Camera Animation Sync

To bring better 3D creation experience to designers and visualizers, we introduced livesync for 3ds Max this time, following the launch of D5 LiveSync for SketchUp in D5 2.5.

*LiveSync for other workflows will be released in the near future.

With the new livesync plugin, changes in 3ds Max—models, lights, camera movements—sync in real time with D5 Render, eliminating the need for repetitive imports or manual updates.

Optimized Video Editor with Camera Path Integration

In D5 2.6, we've got you an upgraded Video Editor that supports Camera Path display and editing.

Now, you can find the camera path editing panel after clicking on the 'Edit Path' button. The camera's path is presented clearly in the scene and will be updated in real time when you adjust its nodes. Watch the camera's movement along the path with the play button, and preview the shot in the PiP window.

We've also added Camera Movement Templates to make animation rendering even easier in D5 2.6. You can find on the right side of the video panel a variety of preset camera movements like panning, dolly in and out.Generating a panning shot is a breeze; just tap the corresponding template and watch as an animation springs to life. Crafting orbit shots is equally straightforward—set up a path from the template, tweak the pivot, distance, and sweep, and you'll get a custom orbit shot immediately.

Optimized Section Tool

Get ready for a better section tool in D5 2.6! Previously, you could only place 3 section tools in a scene. And now, the number has been raised up to 10.

Catering to both interior designers who prefer interior space to be independent of the skylight and architects working on exteriors who want it, the section tool in D5 2.6 has a new 'Affected by Light' toggle, enabling better control over interior lighting in sectioning.

In addition, D5 2.6 allows you to flip a section tool, so you can choose to show the internal or external structure of a model as you need.

Custom map import is also supported in Fill, in addition to selecting a fill color. You can import whatever texture, a concrete map for instance, to give the section a tailored look matching the overall appearance.

SketchUp Grouped Import

In D5 2.6, SketchUp designers will be pleased to find that the plugin has been updated to support grouped import.

Place objects along the path in SketchUp, batch select them, and click 'Export' to export the layers of group structure.

Upon importing into D5, the imported objects are accessible in the resource list. You can select all objects within a group and make a bulk replacement by clicking the 'Replace' button located in the top-right corner.

To ensure the group is correctly oriented as a whole, you can adjust its orientation by rotating a single object within it.

Additionally, rest assured that these substitutes are fully editable. After switching these models for a different thing, the new set will automatically adopt the existing orientation and scale settings.

Flowing Water Material

A new material template is added: Flowing Water, which comes with a few presets to apply directly or adjust accordingly. This material can simulate running water like streams, waterfalls and water walls.

When your model has a proper texture mapping, flowing water animations will be auto-generated following its UV direction.

Human Point-of-View Walk Mode

If you want to immersively navigate the scene, Walk Mode should be your go-to method.

Engage Walk Mode to position the camera at a human eye-level perspective. You can then walk in the scene in first-person view at a fixed height to view the space, experience collision simulation when meeting obstacles, and even climb up and down stairs or slopes.

AI Atmosphere Match

AI capabilities of D5 Render take leaps and bounds in this new version. First up, AI Atmosphere Match, which brings your desired environment into a scene with just a few clicks.

Simply upload a reference image, select the perspective to match, and hit 'Start Generating' for an instant transformation. D5 Team is continuously improving the AI model, so expect even more stable and precise results in the future.

AI-generated Material Texture Maps

If you are struggling to find various texture maps for a detailed material, don't forget to try D5's AI-powered texture map generation.

Import your diffuse map into the base color map slot, and with a simple click of the button in the top-right corner, D5 instantly produces the corresponding normal, roughness, and displacement maps for a complete material set.

Procedurally-generated Vines

Say goodbye to manual placement of vines. We offer 6 vine models in the library that can automatically grow along a wall. Select the type you need and place it vertically against a model surface. Hit 'generate' and a lifelike climbing vine effect will appear. You can further customize how it looks with a set of parameters and a 'Random' option for re-generation.

Local Exposure

In Effect>Post-processing, Highlight&Shadow Local Exposure are added to allow for more precise adjustments of the local highlight/shadow exposure in the scene.

You can increase the Highlight Local Exposure to darken the sky for more details, and increase Shadow Local Exposure to prevent certain areas from being too dark.

Optimized Water Material

Now, the base color adjustment of water material is more clearly presented in D5 2.6. A new scattering color option is  added to the base color section, which determines the color of water body under the surface. These give you better control of the water material effect.

Cinema 4D Camera Animation Sync

With camera animation sync added to the plugin D5 Sync for C4D, you can import camera animations with position keyframe information from C4D to D5. Importing multiple selected cameras is also supported.

C4D Model by Tianchen from Momentor

Custom Sun in Geo&Sky

Custom Sun is available in Geo and Sky as well, added with adjustable Altitude, Azimuth, Sunlight Intensity and Sun Disk Radius parameters.

Optimized Interaction for Scene List and Advanced Camera

Scene List has been optimized with integration of advanced camera, making it more convenient to use. You can click on the camera icon to activate the camera editing panel and set the aspect ratio and other parameters as you need. These changes are auto saved.

When you go for a new perspective, however, you'll need to click the update button to save the changes manually.

.abc Animation Control

For imported .abc files, more animation control parameters are now available.

Optimized D5 Asset Library

New Assets

  • 169 new character models from different regions, including 92 animated figures
  • 6 new procedurally-generated vine models in Nature > Vine
  • 18 new tree models in Nature > Low Poly Tree
  • 8 new cactus models in Nature > Xerophyte
  • 18 optimized plant models with better shapes and animated motions
  • 7 new plane fog models in Particle > Fog
  • 2 new Abyss mirrors in Particle>Futuristic Decor
  • 24 new futuristic particle decorations in Particle > Futuristic Decor
  • 2 new drone models in Electrical Digital

New HDRI Library

To simplify the environmental setting process, we added a new HDRI library filled with dozens of fresh HDRI files.

Optimized Search Feature

Pursuing to offer designers better and better search experience, we updated the library search bar with the addition of fuzzy search supporting intelligent keyword suggestions. You can press 'Tab' to switch between different libraries.

Optimized Library Asset Classification, Order and Filter

The UI for the primary and secondary menu expansion has been optimized for a more distinct visual separation between categories. When a new category is expanded, the previous one will automatically collapse in this version.

You can now sort the assets by name, latest and free first. Favorite is also added to the asset filter.

Alright, that wraps up our D5 2.6 overview. Click HERE to check our complete release note. Don't forget to download and try D5 Render on your own.