How to Paint Realistic Grass in 3 Steps

Use High-quality Assets to Render Photorealistic Lawn in 3 Steps

A photorealistic lawn is critical to architectural and landscape visualization. Today, we want to introduce you an easy way to create lifelike grass with only three steps.

Render: Pathompong Lohavijarn, Golffy Arch | Architect: Belmont Freeman Architects

Step 01: Set a Lawn Material

First, choose a woodland material and apply it onto the model surface.

Stretch its UV to get a dense look.

Step 02: Paint Grass Models

Then, choose a grass model to fill the lawn with the 'Scatter' tool.

Repeat the step on another kind of higher, greener grass.

Remove a bit of the lawn randomly with the Eraser tool.

You can also add some scattered fallen leaves.

Step 03: Add Decorative Plants

Place some shrubs along the edge.

And intersperse some in the middle.

A tall tree at the foreground will make the scene look more layered.

That's it! You've just brought a lawn to life. D5 Asset Library in D5 Render makes it super easy to create 3d visualization. So, make sure to give this amazing real-time rendering software a try!

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