How to set realistic background for render in 1 minute

Use backdrop plane from D5 Asset Library to set the environment for archviz in 1 minute.

For architectural visualization, environment setting is critical because it directly tells your audiences the story of the architecture. It includes sky, weather, surrounding landscape, backdrop context and many other elements. How they interact can greatly impact the realism and quality of the final render. For example, the glass facade usually reflects the surroundings. You don't need to spend hours placing buildings around to have such a beautiful reflection. All you need is a backdrop plane from D5 Asset Library.

Artist: Tomorrow with D5 Render

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What's backdrop plane and why 

Backdrop plane is like an entire context in one polygon. They can decorate the distant skyline, add nice glass reflections and adorn the view outside the window.

With D5 Render 2.4, new backdrop planes are updated for urban, mountainous, and wooded contexts. You can use them for architectural and interior design.

Drag and drop a backdrop plane from D5 Asset Library into the scene. With a few tweaks in a minute, you can get a stunning background for your render, which is very convenient.

Backdrop plane for architecture | Artist: Light

Backdrop plane for interior | Artist: Andrew

How to use it

After setting the foreground, go to D5 Model Library > Landscapes. Select the backdrop plane you need and import it into the scene. Scale it properly to cover the skyline. Done! That's all you need to do.

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