220+ new animated plant models in D5 Asset Library

Animated models of flowers, shaped trees, fruit trees and flowering trees

The 220+ new animated vegetation models in the D5 Asset Library are designed to meet the needs of different landscape projects, ranging from small-scale residential gardens to large public spaces and urban developments.

When paired with animation, these animated plant models will take your projects up a notch.

You can find all of them by searching “new spring plants” in the library.

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01 | Flowers

140+ new flowers at Nature > Flowering Shrub/Flowering Hurb

For this residential garden, we used new flower models such as the Mexican petunia, the African lily, and  the big leaf hydrangea.

02 | Flower bed combos

You can customize each plant in the combo, such as their size, or group your own combos and save to local. This way, you can easily reuse them for your next project, saving you time and effort.

Check how to add group assets to local

03 | Topiary and flowering trees

20 new topiary trees at Nature > Broadleaf/Conifer

41 new high-precision flowering trees at Nature > Flowering Tree

Shaped and flowering trees add to the beauty of a landscape design. They provide a focal point for space and can create a sense of balance and harmony. These trees can also be used to create different shapes and patterns, adding interest and variety to the overall design.

For this park, we used new animated models, including cherry trees and various shaped pine trees.

They are highly realistic and detailed, with accurate representation of leaves, branches, and other natural features, making them ideal for close-ups.

04 | Fruit trees

24 new fruit trees at Nature > Broadleaf

There are also new fruit trees such as lemon, cherry, orange and many more.

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