One-Click Solution to Create Building Materials for Arch Designers

Quick and easy way to create realistic building materials with no need of experience | D5 Asset Library

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Building materials play a crucial role in architectural visualization. They are essential components that can greatly enhance the realism and detail of any project. However, creating realistic textures for building materials can be a time-consuming and challenging task, especially when using offline rendering engines. This is where real-time rendering comes in, offering designers and clients instant visualization of every change on the texture. Architectural designs are presented in a more engaging way.

D5 Render is an excellent example of a real-time rendering engine that has gained popularity among architects and designers.

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Common Building Materials

The use of different building materials can create texture, color, and contrast, adding visual interest and enhancing the overall appeal of the structure. For example, combining glass and steel with brick or wood can create a unique and striking design that draws attention and creates a memorable impression.

Artist: KJJ studio | D5 Render

D5 Render takes the real-time raytracing solution to present common building materials such as concrete, wood, glass, and more in an attractive way. Designers now have the ability to express their design concepts to clients in a more authentic and precise manner, and clients can have confidence that they truly understand the designer's vision as well.

Artist: Victor B. Ortiz Architecture | Revit, Rhino, D5 Render

Create Realistic Building Materials with Ease in D5 Render

D5 Asset Library is an excellent resource for designers who are looking to create realistic architectural visualizations quickly and easily. It contains a vast selection of out-of-the-box building materials, including concrete, steel, brick, wood, glass, and stone, as well as other materials like fabrics, plastics, and ceramics.

2,000+ Materials in D5 Asset Library

Materials in D5 Asset Library are of high quality, and they can be easily customized to fit the specific needs of each project.

Drag and drop one onto the object surface. Then you can edit its color, pattern size or roughness. D5 requires no experience of material node editing, so you can intuitively make realistic building materials with ease.

Apart from complete textures in the library, designers also have the option of material templates. D5 prepares a dozen of templates for glass, paint, displacement and more, which makes it easy to start from scratch.

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