Quicker, Easier Animation Rendering for Commercial Streets with New D5 Assets

D5 Render has launched 131 new models for commercial complexes and urban planning

D5 Asset Library has launched a new "Commercial Street Assets Collection," containing 131 new high-quality and widely-used items for commercial complexes and urban planning, reducing the time wasted searching for or building ornamental models.

The D5 Team created a complete street block with these assets. You can refer to the combinations in this scene, or customize your own by using the "Group" feature in D5.

We believe the new collection will help you produce more attractive and realistic animations.

*Find the new models by searching "commercial street" in D5 Asset Library.

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01 Street Facilities

Group 328
Group 329

*85 new assets in Road > Street Views/Road Facilities/Traffic Signs, Vehicle > Small-Sized

Street infrastructure plays an indispensable role in architectural and urban planning projects.

The D5 Works Team did multiple surveys to make facility models that better cater to the needs of different regions.

Based on that, the new animated traffic lights feature automatic countdowns.


High-precision animated vehicles with options to turn the lights on/off and switch between left and right steering.



The collection also encompasses commonly used traffic signs, bus stops, and modular metal railings, all tailored to better align with local demands.



You can also find street lights, light pole banners, animated flags, speed bumps and traffic barriers.



02 Neon Signs

Group 325

*37 new neon signs and billboards in Commercial > Billboards

In real-life urban streets, colorful neon lights and ad lightboxes often deliver an energetic atmosphere.

D5 Asset Library now offers a wide range of new neon signs, billboards, and directional signs for various commercial spaces.



Powered by the exceptional emissive algorithm of D5 Render, these neon signs can precisely give off lights according to the color of maps, allowing to create compelling visuals with accurate lighting details.


You can customize the color and maps of neon signs, changing their looks for different scenes.

03 Commercial Exterior Decorations

Group 327
Group 326

*39 new models in Commercial > Exterior, Landscape > Outdoor Furniture/Outdoor Components

To facilitate the rapid construction of street-side areas, D5 Asset Library includes an array of elements such as outdoor dining sets with parasols.



Other assets such as sunshades, flower boxes, edging tree rings, and benches will further enrich the scene.



The “Commercial Street Assets Collection” is now available in D5 Asset Library. Don’t forget to find them by searching “commercial street” and give them a try!

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