Refreshing Interior Design: How D5 Render Accelerates the Work Process

Amila Sithara, who emerged in the "renderedwithd5 - Happy Holidays" event

📍Colombo Sri Lanka

  • Freelancer of 3D animation and visualization
  • Once a consultant on 3D animation at college

Amila has been captivated by the charm of 3D visualization since studenthood. After getting a diploma in 3D Animation and Multimedia at college, he gained valuable experience at various construction companies and architectural firms.

"I have always had a keen interest in 3D creation and is constantly improving my skills in the field. It was through my research that I stumbled upon D5 Render, which interested me a lot. Upon recommendation from my company’s head architect, I began studying D5 Render and completed my first project using D5 in January 2021."

Behind the Scene

"My project aimed to create a warm and welcoming living room for all family members to gather during the Christmas season. The theme of the room is centered around the concept of home, with decorations, gifts, and preparations for the holiday creating a space of joy, laughter, and love. "

The built-in D5 Asset Library of D5 Render played a significant role in making this design a success. Most of the models used in this project are from the D5 Asset Library. The animated models, such as the crystal ball and the pumpkin coach ornament, were useful for creating close-up frames that highlighted essential details in the design.

Lighting is Amila's favourite aspect of 3D creations because it connects all the moments and emotions together. Lighting, especially warm lighting, can evoke a feeling of comfort without changing the surroundings.

"With D5, I was able to efficiently control the sunlight and balance the necessary light settings."

The optimized GI of D5 Render 2.4 powered by real-time raytracing further enhances convenience.

Render Showcase

One of the primary reasons that I chose D5 Render as my rendering engine is to save time.

The program has a very user-friendly interface, making it easy to learn without the need for extensive training. As a result, I have been able to complete projects that would have taken several weeks in a couple of days.

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Additionally, D5 Render provides a variety of unique materials, models, and particles (animated 3D components), making it easier to create highly realistic design renders.

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