Want scenes to have different vibes? Turn off Camera Switch Only

Each scene on the D5 scene list records its own environment and camera settings, including the parameters of Geo&Sky or HDRI, the effects (lut, exposure, contrast...), camera settings (DOF, Views), and the hidden/shown information of objects and layers.
*Please note that material settings and Object parameters are not included.
This feature is also common in other CAD software, such as SketchUp scenes, Rhino named views, and Cinema 4D cameras. You can use D5 Converters to convert them into D5 scenes directly.
Yet one frequently asked question is "why my scenes cannot save their own settings? All the scenes in the project now have the same lighting and camera settings. Is my D5 Render broken?"
The answer is NO. Your D5 Render is good. The abnormal behavior is probably caused by an option called Camera Switch Only under the Scene list.
Uncheck this option, and you will find the phenomenon disappears.

What is "Camera Switch Only" and how should you use it

Literally, when this option is switched on, only the camera position will change along with the scene, while the environment, lighting and other settings will stay the same.
This feature is especially useful to extend some specific effect to all the scenes. It also works when you want to make an animation with consistent vibe. For example, if you have rendered a bedroom with warm lighting, but want to test the scene with a cold color vibe, now you can use Camera Switch Only.
Adjust the lighting of one scene first. Then turn on Camera Switch Only. You can directly check other previously saved views to see if the cold-tone lighting is satisfactory. If it is, then you can create new scenes for the design with a cold vibe.
For video clips, you can duplicate clips, then update the keyframes with new changes. When it is finished, turn off Camera switch only.
To learn more about the scene list, please read D5 Render User Manual.