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Ancient architecture, landscape work using Blender, Quixel, D5
Artist: Showing Inspiration
Modern beach villa interior rendering with D5 RenderModern beach villa exterior rendering with D5 Render
Vinicius Andrade
White villa interior rendering with D5 Render
White villa interior rendering with D5 Render
Eco zone architectural rendering with D5 Render
Free Scene Download
Q: How to sync changes or update an edited model in D5?
Direct Import
If the model is directly imported or opened in D5 Render, you can select it from the scene resources list, right-click > Reload or Replace from Local.
If there's no change to the file path or file name of the original model, you can select Reload. D5 Render will reload that model while keeping those materials that have been added or edited in D5 Render.
If the original model was saved as another file, with a different file path or file name, you can select Replace from Local. D5 Render will replace the current model with the new one but keep those materials that have been added or edited in D5 Render.
Live Sync
If the model is synchronized/imported into D5 Render through D5 Converter, when live sync is on, you can click on the Sync button of D5 Converter to sync model changes into D5, and those materials that have been added or edited in D5 Render will be reserved.
Re-connection when the file path and filename are unchanged
If the model file is edited and saved, but the file name and file path of both model files and D5 scene files do not change, we can reconnect them directly through D5 Converter.
Open the model file from modeling software, click on Start sync to open D5 scene file, and reconnect them. D5 Render will sync the changes while keeping those materials that have been added or edited in D5 Render.
Re-connection after the file path or filename was changed
If the original file is saved as another file, or the file name and file path change, please manually select the files and then reconnect them.
Steps: Open the model file and the D5 scene file relatively, then click on the Start sync button of D5 Converter. Choose "Select File" when this message pops up:
(If you select "OK", D5 Render will create a new scene file instead of opening an existing one.)
Select the specific model in the scene to replace, and the changes will be updated:
(If you choose "create a new link model", D5 will import the new model directly and keep the old one.)
【D5 Converter for Blender】New version to be released
A new version of D5 Converter for Blender will be released in a few days with updates that include:
1. New UI and interactive experience
2. Support Blender 2.93 LTS / 3.0 / 3.1 /3.2 / 3.3 LTS
3. One-click to launch D5 Render and start model/material/light/camera/view live sync
4. Support exporting the whole scene or models selected only
5. Support incremental synchronization
6. Support baking materials
7. Support one-click installation with .exe file
【D5 Converter for Rhino】New version released!
Ver. 0.10.0
Release date: 2022. 10. 25
New and Improvement
Quixel Bridge to D5 Tool | Convert Quixel assets into .d5a format when importing into D5 Render
This tool is developed by a D5 user Qingtian to help you quickly convert Quixel assets (.fbx) into D5 models (.d5a) with its texture maps.
You can check out the tutorial for running this tool.
D5 Educational License
We are offering free D5 Edu Licenses to students or educators at a government-accredited educational institution. See if you qualify here and welcome to apply!
#renderedwithD5 - Halloween to Win D5 Pro
Starting this September, we will hold an event called #renderedwithD5 every month in which D5 users can participate to win D5 Pro! This month you can post rendering images for Halloween on Facebook or an animation on YouTube before November 27, 2022 11:59 PM GMT. We'll choose one of the participants and give him/her 3 monthly D5 Pro. Enjoy the Halloween party held by D5!
D5 Render at SketchUp 3D Basecamp
As a sponsor for this year's 3D Basecamp, D5 Render made its appearance through slides at the event. While the D5 Team couldn't make it to Vancouver, the SketchUp-D5 workflow was definitely attracting the attention of everyone attending the event.
Read this SketchUp blog and learn more about this efficient 3D workflow: SketchUp to D5 User Interview